Visa Sponsorship Job Opportunities In Japan: How To Apply

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Are you searching for visa sponsorship job opportunities in Japan? Or are you a foreign national interested in work and migration opportunities in Japan? If you are interested in finding a job in Japan that offers visa sponsorship, you may find the following tips and opportunities helpful in 2023.

When considering moving to Japan, it is important to find an employer who will sponsor your visa. Foreigners can find many job opportunities in Japan, particularly in engineering, information technology, and English teaching. However, it can be challenging to access these opportunities without visa sponsorship.

The Engineer/Humanities/International Services visa is a popular category for foreign nationals working in Japan. This visa allows individuals to work in various professions, such as engineering, architecture, information technology, and language teaching. To determine which visa category is appropriate for your intended employment, you should research the requirements and qualifications for each.

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Fortunately, there are many resources available for job seekers looking for visa sponsorship in Japan. Job boards like Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Japan Dev often list these types of jobs. Additionally, there are recruitment firms that specialize in helping foreigners find employment in Japan. With proper planning and research, finding a job in Japan that offers visa sponsorship can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Types Of Foreigner Visas For Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Japan

There are several types of visas available for foreign nationals who wish to work in Japan. The most common type is the work permit, which is granted to foreigners who have been offered a job by a Japanese company. In addition, there are other visa categories such as the dependant visa, the cultural activities visa, and the student visa.

The work visa category is further divided into various subcategories, which include:

  1. Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services
  2. Skilled Labor
  3. Intra-company Transferee
  4. Highly Skilled Professional

Requirements For Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Japan

If an employer in Japan wishes to sponsor a foreign individual for a work visa, they must meet certain conditions. These requirements include:

  • Holding a Japanese business license
  • Having a valid reason for hiring a foreign worker
  • Offering a salary that is appropriate for the job
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment
  • Verifying that the foreign national has the necessary training and qualifications for the position

The foreign national seeking a work visa must also meet certain requirements, such as having a valid passport and being in good physical health. They may also need to provide documentation of their education and work experience.

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The Japanese Job Market 

Japan’s job market is widely recognized for its intense competition and stringent requirements. With an aging population and declining birth rates, there is a demand for foreign labor in certain industries.

Nevertheless, linguistic and cultural barriers can make it challenging for foreigners to secure suitable employment opportunities in Japan.

Jobs Available To Foreigners In Japan 

Foreign nationals can find job opportunities in various sectors in Japan, such as technology, banking, and hospitality. Several companies in Japan are willing to sponsor foreign employees’ visas, given that they fulfill specific criteria. Preferred job options for foreigners include English teaching, IT, and engineering. Moreover, with the substantial increase in tourism to Japan over the past few years, there are also possibilities in the tourism sector.

Skills And Requirements For Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

The qualifications and skills required for positions with visa sponsorship vary depending on the sector and employer. Employers typically prefer applicants who hold bachelor’s degrees and possess some professional experience. Proficiency in Japanese is also required for many jobs, particularly those that involve regular interaction with Japanese clients or customers.

Moreover, companies look for applicants who have strong teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Here is a list of some prominent industries and professions that sponsor visas:

  • IT: Software Engineer, Web Developer, Data Analyst
  • Finance: Accountant, Investment Banker, Financial Analyst
  • Hospitality: Hotel Staff, Tour Guide
  • Education: English Teacher, International School Teacher
  • Engineering: Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer

It’s important to note that visa sponsorship does not guarantee employment. Candidates must still go through the interview and application processes and meet all company requirements. Additionally, visa sponsorship does not guarantee long-term residence in Japan.

How To Find Jobs With Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Japan

To increase the chances of finding a job that offers visa sponsorship, job seekers can use targeted job search techniques that focus on companies known to sponsor visas. Examples of these techniques include reaching out to recruiters, looking for job posts that mention visa sponsorship, and attending job fairs or networking events geared towards international job seekers.

Another approach is to focus on professions that commonly sponsor visas, such as teaching, engineering, and information technology. These industries often require skilled workers and are more likely to sponsor visas for potential employees.

Networking and making connections with people in the desired field can also help to find job opportunities that offer visa sponsorship. Job seekers can attend business events, join online groups or professional organizations, and reach out to former students or acquaintances with connections in Japan.

Additionally, job seekers can contact colleagues or acquaintances who are already employed in Japan and ask for suggestions or if they know of any job openings that offer visa sponsorship.

Living And Working In Japan 

Japan is a unique and captivating country with a rich cultural heritage, a thriving economy, and advanced technology, making it an attractive destination for job seekers worldwide. However, before relocating to Japan, it is essential to understand the country’s culture, lifestyle, cost of living, and employment laws regarding foreigners.

Culture and Lifestyle

Japanese culture is intricate and distinct, centered on respect and tradition. Japanese people are well-known for their politeness, punctuality, and strong work ethic. To succeed in both business and everyday life, it is crucial to comprehend and respect these cultural standards. Japan offers a diverse and exciting way of life, ranging from busy cities to peaceful rural areas.

Cost of Living

Japan is renowned for its high cost of living, especially in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Although housing, food, and transportation expenses can be costly, incomes are typically higher to compensate for this. Creating a precise budget and making necessary plans are imperative to maximize your income while in Japan.

Employment Laws and Regulations

Employers and employees in Japan are subject to strict employment laws and regulations. These regulations cover various topics, including vacation policies, overtime compensation, and working hours. Understanding these laws is critical for defending your rights and avoiding legal issues at work.

Faqs On Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Japan 

Is it possible to get sponsored for a job in Japan?

Under the Specified Skilled Worker Visa program, a college degree or a work history of ten years is not required to be sponsored by a company. Passing Japanese language and skills tests are the only prerequisites.

How can I obtain visa sponsorship for Japan?

To be sponsored for a visa extension in Japan, you will need to:

  • Demonstrate an annual income of at least 3,000,000 yen ($250,000) to prove you can support yourself in Japan, even with income from side jobs.
  • Have a client or part-time employer willing to sponsor your visa.
  • Submit a “個人事業主” (kojin jigyō nushi – Sole Proprietorship) form to the local tax office.

Which Jobs in Japan are eligible for a work visa?

Some positions that qualify for a work visa include:

  • Artists (e.g., composers, songwriters, painters, sculptors, photographers, etc.)
  • Religion-related work (e.g., religious figures like monks, bishops, missionaries, etc.)
  • Journalists (e.g., newspaper reporters, magazine writers, editors, news cameramen, announcers, etc.)


In this article, we have provided comprehensive information about job opportunities in Japan that offer visa sponsorship. Japan has strict regulations for immigration, but with a sponsor, it is easier for foreign nationals to obtain a work visa.

When a foreign worker intends to work for a Japanese company, the employer will support them in obtaining a visa by requesting a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on their behalf. After obtaining the COE, the visa application can be submitted to the Japanese embassy or consulate in the foreign worker’s country of origin.

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