How To Promote Your YouTube Channel For More Views

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Knowing how to promote your youtube channel will help you succeed as a YouTuber, this is a well-known fact. Youtube is arguably the second largest search engine in the world after Google and a very good source for traffic. However, if you want to succeed as a YouTuber you need to learn how to drive traffic to your channel/videos to increase your views.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how to promote your youtube channel using several youtube traffic generation strategies. These strategies are easy to implement and cost-free, and any Youtuber can apply them to increase their channel views. You can also check out Incrementor’s social media strategies improve your sites.

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How To Promote Your YouTube Channel In 15 Ways

1. Create Catchy Titles.

It’s all about how you present when it comes to YouTube Marketing. When it comes to the success of your video, the titles are a very important factor. The secret to writing interesting and attractive titles is to attract your audience’s interest without using clickbait headlines. People expect interesting videos and stuff, and they also want to know what your video is about from the start.

2. Produce A Podcast

One of my favorite ways to distribute YouTube content is through this method. Podcasting is here to stay, and people listen to them all the time – in the car, in the shower, and even while watering their roses. Remember to create a podcasting channel for yourself on platforms like Spotify, Anchor, and others. After that, you must extract the audio file from your video, which is a relatively simple process. Go back to the original video file that you uploaded to YouTube.

3. Create A Blog Post

This is one of the most effective methods for repurposing your films. What’s more, the good news? You don’t have to spend 6 hours creating a blog post about a YouTube video that already exists. So, if you have a website in addition to your YouTube channel, your YouTube video has an additional distribution route.

4. Make Short Videos To Share On Social Media.

This strategy serves as a teaser or promo for all of your social media networks for your YouTube broadcasts. If you’re on Instagram, you should do this. Make short video snippets that will appeal to the correct audience. These clips are probably self-contained.

5. Join Communities & Collaborate With Others,

Regularly watching videos from other channels in your genre, particularly those of similar size to yours, and leaving intelligent comments might help you establish a presence in the online community. As you become a frequent watcher, other creators will notice you, and they will visit your channel and watch your videos.

Also, collaborating with other YouTubers is a strategy that some of the most popular YouTube stars have utilized to expand their following. Each organization exposes you to a new group of people. And the best part is that because you’re working with a content creator they already know, like, and trust, those new viewers are more inclined to subscribe to your channel.

6. Use Keywords In Your Video Titles.

The file names of YouTube videos are a frequently ignored area for optimization. Many YouTube creators use generic filenames for all of their videos, such as ‘youtubevideo54.mp4’. It’s a terrible waste of time to save your files with titles like this. You should endeavor to use keywords for your video filenames like howtomakemoneyonline.mp4

7. Create Engaging & Click Worthy Titles.

A YouTube video’s title must function just as well as any other headline on the internet. You must be able to hold your audience’s attention and generate excitement while still using crucial keywords and letting them know what your video is about. Mysterious clickbait titles only work for established channels.

8. Promote On Social Media.

Even if the YouTube community is extremely huge, it doesn’t hurt to broaden your social reach by creating social network profiles for your YouTube channel. Having an official Twitter or Instagram account linked to your YouTube account may help you spread the word about your videos and ensure that you get views from a variety of places all at once.

9. Experiment With Different Creatives

You are no longer need to use the previous strategy. Instead, take it a step further and increase your YouTube channel’s inbound traffic. Once you have your film ready, you can create a series of creatives that users can flip through one by one using free online graphic design tools. LinkedIn, for example, allows you to share documents via its platform.

10. Cross-Promote Your Own YouTube Videos.

There’s a good chance you’re covering the same old topics on YouTube that overlap. Make sure that you cross-promote your videos when it makes sense to get more mileage out of your older content.

11. Organize A Competition Or Giveaway.

A giveaway is something that YouTube subscribers adore. Create a YouTube competition or giveaway to encourage viewers to subscribe and participate with your channel. To make your competition as simple as possible, ask viewers to like your video, leave a comment, and subscribe to your channel.

12. Arrange Your Videos Into Playlists.

People will find it increasingly difficult to search and go through your channel as you create more videos. on-page SEO and off-page SEO services by Incrementors, are the best to grow your business. This is why playlists are so crucial. Playlists not only help you organize your channel’s video by categorizing your videos, but they also appeal to your viewers’ propensity to binge-watch.

13. Try Out Live Streaming.

One of the most popular social media trends is live video, which isn’t going away anytime soon. More and more corporations are jumping on board as apps like Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram make it easier than ever to stream live video.

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So, we’ve discussed how to promote your youtube channel for more views, but these strategies discussed are not the only ways to drive traffic to your channel, you can also buy youtube views.

Youtube is a gold mine and a lot of people are making money from it, just by doing what they love, creating videos, and uploading them on Youtube. One of my channel subscribers who had interest in starting up her own channel recently asked me what is the most viewed video on youtube and how much does youtube pay for 1 million views

The answer to these questions are ;

  1. The most viewed video on youtube as of the time of writing this post is “Baby Shark Dance” with over 10.26 billion views
  2. If you use ads on your videos, the average pay for a video with 1 million views is between $2,000 and $3,000. However, if you want to know exactly how much YouTube pays you for 1 million monthly views, you should consider the cost-per-mile (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) as factors in determining the overall price. You can also use a YouTube AdSense calculator to do this.

Learning how to optimize your channel and video descriptions too will help drive traffic and increase your views. This resource here on SEO Techniques can be of great help. Secondly, you should also try to find less competitive keywords with high search volumes. Ranking for these keywords will be much easier, and I will like to recommend this YouTube Keyword Research Tool. it’s the best tool for finding low competition and high search volume keywords on Youtube.

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