Amazon Merch Alternative Printing Services

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Amazon Merch also known as Amazon merchandise Amazon’s print-on-demand platform that enables independent designers and small businesses to upload logos and other t-shirt designs and have Amazon sell them for a percentage of the profit with zero initial investment.

Although Amazon merchandise isn’t the only printing service available out there. If you don’t fancy selling on Amazon merch, there are several similar platforms that you can use as well. In this post today, we will check out amazon merch alternatives, and we’ve listed them out below:

Amazon Merch Alternative Printing Services


With a variety of different t-shirt styles and other clothing items to choose from, TeeSpring tries to make it as easy as possible for designers to create and sell their work. You can upload artwork, add text and design elements right on the site, and then let TeeSpring produce and ship your creations.


UberPrints has an online design tool to help even non-designers create professional-looking shirts that they can wear or sell. The site allows you to order shirts, upload images, and even save designs for later.



Known in the business community mainly for business cards and other paper products, Vistaprint will also print your logo and other designs onto clothing, signs, stationery, and more. The company also offers a ProAdvantage membership program for creative professionals who regularly sell printed materials.

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Aimed specifically at artists and designers, Society6 produces and ships a huge variety of customized products on behalf of their artists. Using this platform, you can have your designs printed on everything from gallery-quality art prints to iphone cases and even shower curtains.


Threadless is a platform that hosts various challenges for designers to submit their work. Customers can vote for their favorite designs and the winners get printed and sold. It’s also now giving artists the ability to reserve their own online stores to sell their designs, which Threadless will produce and ship starting this fall.


CustomInk is known for being easy to use, especially for those who aren’t professional artists or designers. You can use the site to add text and basic design elements to t-shirts and various other clothing items. Then you can invite people to order the products you’ve designed right on the CustomInk site.


Zazzle allows designers to upload images or designs onto products ranging from t-shirts to posters and then earn royalties from each sale. But the site also offers a platform for makers to sell their own made-to-order goods.

Allied Shirts

Allied Shirts offers a variety of different shirt styles that you can add your own designs too. Or you can use one of the site’s templates or design services to make the process even easier.


While Apliiq doesn’t handle the shipping and logistics that some others do, it does give aspiring designers the ability to create their own labels and designs. You can then order a sample or an entire line and ship them out to your customers.

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Printfection will print your logo or other branding materials onto t-shirts, mugs, and similar products and then ship them to you, with pricing based on order size.


CreateMyTee allows you to select a particular garment, add some design elements and then order your product for yourself or a group. Those who want to sell their designs can order items in bulk and then ship them out to each customer.


CafePress allows users to add photos, logos, text, and other design elements to t-shirts and similar products and then either purchase them or sell them in your own CafePress online shop. The amount you can make per order depends on your items and how many sales you’ve made.

Underground Printing

Underground Printing offers a variety of different printing options including screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, and more. You can have your logo or other designs printed on shirts, pants, hats, office supplies, and even novelty items.

Print Aura

Print Aura allows artists and designers to submit orders of their designs on t-shirts and have them printed and shipped on demand. There’s no minimum order size or membership fee involved.


ooShirts allows you to order custom printed shirts with full-color printing and free shipping on any sized order. The company also offers wholesale printing with discounted prices for bulk orders.


Sellers on Skreened can set the amount of commission they want to make on each shirt they’ve designed. Skreened handles the production, shipping, and customer service for each order.


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Printful allows you to have orders from your store, which can be hosted on other platforms like Shopify, automatically sent to them. Printful will then handle the production and shipping to customers. You can also use the site to design and order your own shirts.

Vacord Screen Printing

Vacord Screen Printing allows you to design and order custom screen printed shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items. Prices are determined based on order size, design, and garment type.


Imprint allows you to add your logo or other designs to things like T-shirts, sweatshirts, pins, buttons, and banners. You can order items in bulk or just one at a time, with free shipping on orders of three or more.

Conclusion On Merch By Amazon

Print-on-demand platforms are fast gaining popularity and a lot of people are making use of these platforms to make money online. The good thing is that if you don’t like merch by amazon, there are lots of options to choose from.
However, merch by amazon stands head and tall over all other print-on-demand services because of the availability of country-specific platforms like merch by amazon India, merch by amazon UK and merch by amazon Canada.
Do you know of any other print-on-demand service platform? If yes, then kindly let us know in the comment section. And you can also check out our earlier post on how to write amazon product descriptions that convert.
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