Email Spam Trigger Words And Phrases You Need To Avoid

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The use of email spam trigger words when sending out emails can ruin any email marketing campaign, and that is why every email marketer needs to avoid using email spam words when writing emails.

Over the last decade, email marketing has evolved a lot, becoming a highly regulated and controlled technology, with new protocols and mechanisms between the sender and the recipient established each year. So in this article today we will learn about common email spam trigger words and how email spam words triggers the spam filters

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How words trigger the spam filters

You don’t need to know the technical aspects and insider secrets when emailing your friends or colleagues, but it’s definitely a must if you run email campaigns (especially those with multiple email sequences).

The answer to why some or all of your email messages end up in the spam folder is actually pretty simple – spam words. Spam detection mechanisms use smart algorithms that track everything about you as a sender and your message as email content, including SMTP server information, domain information, links and pictures in your emails, your recipients, and more.

The email content itself can land you in trouble even if your sender’s reputation is excellent. It’s not a secret that some of the words trigger email spam filters. These are called spam trigger words, and here we compiled an updated list of them for 2021 just for you. Explore the spam words list below.

Spam trigger words to avoid

When drafting the perfect email, sometimes the subject line is the most difficult part to complete. You have to capture the entirety of your email in a line that’s not too short and not too long and is engaging enough for readers to want to open the email.
Most times, email blast keywords, both ones to include and ones to exclude come in handy. On top of that, you need to worry about whether or not your subject line will get flagged up by spam filters. These filters can be triggered for several reasons – often because the subject line contains one of many common email spam trigger words that are known to be associated with emails that cause problems.

To aid in your pursuit of the perfect subject line, we have prepared a list of the top 100+ common email spam words and phrases you need to avoid using in order to prevent your email from being picked up by spam filters.

Common email spam words and phrases to avoid

#1 $$$ 100%
Act now Action Additional income
Affordable All-natural/new Amazed
Apply now Avoid Be amazed/your own boss
Beneficiary Billing Billion
Bonus Boss Buy
Call free/now Cancel Cash
Casino Certified Cheap
Click here Clearance Collect
Compare rates Congratulations Credit card/check/offers
Cures Deal Dear friend/somebody
Debt Discount Direct email
Don’t delete/hesitate Double your income/cash Earn
Extra Expire Fantastic
Free access/money/gift Freedom Friend
Get it now/started/paid Great Guarantee
Hello Income Increase sales/traffic
Instant Investment Junk
Limited Lose Lowest price
Luxury Make $/money Medicine
Money Name No credit check/experience
Now Obligation Offer
Only Open Order now
Please Presently Problem
Promise Purchase Quote
Rates Refinance Refund
Remove Request Risk-free
Sales Satisfaction Save
Score Serious Spam
Success Supplies Take action
Terms Traffic Trial
Unlimited Urgent Weight
While supplies last Win Winner

In addition to excluding these words from your email subject lines, there are a few other things you can do to avoid your email from being picked up by spam filters.

  1. Don’t add RE: to subject lines if it’s not a reply
  2. Don’t use all caps
  3. Don’t make spelling mistakes
  4. Don’t use one-word subject lines
  5. Don’t use video/Flash/JavaScript
  6. Don’t use exclamation points in your subject line
  7. Don’t embed forms in emails

In case you’ve missed some of our recent articles on how to run a successful email marketing campaign  and what rules to follow, here’s a quick list for you to double-check and adhere to:

  1. Use correct personalization in the email subject line, and make sure your personalization tags work properly.
  2. Use emojis in subject lines sparingly.
  3. Don’t enclose large attachments in your email campaign messages.
  4. Don’t use excessive HTML formatting.
  5. Check your domain’s reputation before sending.
  6. Always verify emails to improve deliverability and preserve sender reputation.


Kindly note that avoiding email spam trigger words won’t skyrocket your email deliverability to 100%, as there are still several factors that can trigger spam filters. So I created a cheat sheet of additional email spam words to avoid when sending mails, please Download this cheat sheet and make sure you study it properly…

How did these tips work for you? Kindly tell us in the comment section below!

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