How To Drive Traffic to Your Fiverr Gig In 3 Simple Steps

How to keep your buyers satisfied?

I know this might seem confusing, especially for new sellers, but it’s easy and I will explain how you can do this. For instance, if you are offering article writing on Fiverr, and your gig pricing is placed at $5 for 500 words, you can exceed the word count and make it 600 or 650 words. So when delivering the gig, make sure you put this in writing and let your buyer know you exceeded the word count give them something extra as a means of appreciation to them for choosing to work with you. Acts like this make buyers happy, and they will always return to use your service again if need be.

The trick is to give something extra, beyond the specification of the order as agreed.  So as a new seller on Fiverr, buyer satisfaction is something you should take seriously. It’s a cool way to drive traffic to your gig, alert the Fiverr algorithm that your gig is performing well, and quickly build your reputation as a trusted seller on Fiverr.

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Learning how to drive traffic to your Fiverr gig will help you rank faster, and get more sales. The steps discussed in this article are proven and tested, i have personally used all of these methods and they worked wonders for me and some of my social media fans who reached out to me for Fiverr gig traffic tips.

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