How To Drive Traffic to Your Fiverr Gig In 3 Simple Steps

  • Find Your Keywords

Finding and using the right keywords for your Fiverr gig title, description and tags are some of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your Fiverr gig. Keywords are the search terms that buyers use when searching for freelancers to get a task done.

Before creating your gig, the first thing you need to do is carry out keyword research. You can easily find the right keywords to use to create your gig by typing in the service you want to render in the search box on Fiverr’s home page and it will automatically provide you with other search queries related to your services as soon in the screenshot below.

fiverr gig traffic

In the image above, I entered whiteboard animation video as my search term and Fiverr’s search engine automatically generated those related keywords. So, if you want to find the right keywords to use when creating your gig, all you need do is enter the service you want to offer to get the right keywords related to your service.

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These related search terms should be used accordingly with the main keyword in your title, description, and tags when setting up your gig. However, when using these keywords, ensure you do it with caution to prevent excessive use.

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