How To Fix AD Serving Limits On Your Adsense Account(Working Method).

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For Adsense publishers, knowing how to fix ad serving limits placed on your account is a priceless knowledge which anyone should have at this time, going by the rate at which limited ad servings are placed on AdSense accounts without warning.

Ever since Google Adsense rolled out its Ad servings limits policy, thousands of websites have been affected by the policy, this can be very frustrating, especially if Adsense monetization is your only source of monetizing your website contents. It practically means that all your website traffic are wasting away, and you will be unable to reach your full ad revenue potential with AdSense until the ad servings limits placed on your AdSense account is resolved.

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Why Do Google Places Limited Ad Servings On Publisher Accounts

If you’ve ever faced this problem, I know you might be wondering why it happened to you. The answer is simple. It all boils down to Google trying to preserve the integrity of its ad network. This policy was introduced to protect advertisers from fraudulent clicks, improve user experience, and also maintain publisher relationships.

Furthermore, Limited ad servings is often a result of issues related to the quality of traffic being generated from a website, and until these issues are fixed, the ad serving limits placed on your account won’t be lifted.

Types Of Ad Serving Limits

There are basically two types of ad serving limits, and they are;

  • Invalid Traffic¬† Concerns

When this type of ad servings limit occurs on your account, it is because Google’s systems have detected invalid traffic concerns. The ad servings limits placed on your account will be automatically reviewed and updated as they gather more information on the quality of your website traffic.

  • Account Being Assessed

This type of ad servings limits is similar to the previous one. However, there is no specific time placed on when the limits will be lifted. Your publisher account will be automatically reviewed with updates as they gather more information about the quality of your website traffic.

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How To Fix Limited Ad Serving On Any Adsense Account

So, we’ve learned about what Ad serving limits are, and also discussed the different types of limited ad servings. Now it’ time to reveal how to fix ad serving limits on your Adsense account. This method works 100%, and I’ve successfully used it to fix limited ad serving issues on several Adsense accounts. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, even a newbie can implement what I’m about to reveal here. ….

To make it easy for you to understand, I broke it down into 3 simple steps, and I’ve listed them below in order of sequence;

  1. The first thing you need to do is remove Adsense codes from every domain associated with the affected Adsense account, and wait for at least 7 days after which the Ads limit notification placed on your account will be removed. In some cases, it can be removed earlier, so you can as well check daily to see if it has been removed.
  2. After the ad serving limits notification has been removed from your account, don’t rush to add the AdSense codes immediately. I suggest you wait for a few days, preferably one week. During this period of waiting, go back to your sites and remove every URL that received the most traffic to your website(blog). These URL’s have been flagged, and that is why when Adsense codes are added back to these sites, the limited ad serving notification re-appears within 24hrs.
  3. To prevent the ad servings limitation from re-occurring, the best thing to do is to re-write these articles and ensure you change the first two paragraphs, permalinks and if possible the featured image. You should also create fresh contents and you are good to go.


A servings limit is always associated with invalid traffic or suspicious activity from your AdSense account, so the only way to avoid your ad servings being limited is t ensure your account is in good standing and the quality of your website traffic complies with AdSense terms and conditions. If you stick to the rules, then the chances of your ad being limited are very slim.

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