The Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm Revealed:How To Rank Fiverr Gigs

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If you are a seller on Fiverr understanding how Fiverr gig ranking algorithm works is the first step if you desire to rank your Fiverr gig on the front page of search results. Fiverr is a leading service marketplace platform where skilled individuals can offer their services for only $5. At first, selling on Fiverr was relatively easy even as a new seller, but with time, as the platform grew and expanded, more sellers joined the party, and the competition to rank Fiverr gigs on the first page increased.

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With the growing number of sellers on the platform, ranking your Fiverr gigs on the front page for search results is becoming increasingly difficult even for Top sellers, Level 2 sellers, and Level 1 sellers. The easiest way to bypass this hurdle is to understand the Fiverr algorithm. Knowing how the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm works will help you rank Fiverr gigs better, and increase the possibility of you making more sales even as a new seller. In this tutorial today, we are going to take a look at the recently updated Fiverr algorithm and learn how to rank our gigs to appear on the front page of search results.

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Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm Secrets

  • Time Spent Online

fiverr gig algorithm

It’s no longer a secret that Fiverr rewards sellers who spend more time online. According to the updated Fiverr algorithm, sellers who spend more time online are 10times likely to get more sales than sellers who are offline. Furthermore, you must have observed your gig appearing on the first page for search results when you are online, and after a couple of hours when you go offline, it gets pushed down to the second page. The logic is simple, you were offline for that period, and possibly not available to respond to inquiries from buyers.

So, if you do want to boost your chances of ranking your Fiverr gigs, do your best to spend more time online.

  • Proper Keyword Optimization

Fiverr’s search engine is similar to that of Google’s. and the secret to being found by potential buyers who need the type of services you offer is using the right buyer keyword. Having a keyword-optimized title, gig description, and tags will boost your chances of ranking. This is the most important Fiverr gig ranking factor.

  • Ratings

fiverr gig ranking algorithm

Your seller ratings matter a lot on Fiverr. This is simply because you are only as good as your last rating, and the quality of your product can’t be better described that your last buyer. A satisfied buyer is likely to give you a 5/5 rating. So, in anything you do, never compromise quality for quantity. Go the extra mile to satisfy your buyers, even if you have to “Over-Deliver“, do it and satisfy them. This leaves them with no option than to give you a 5star rating.

  • Number of Completed Orders

fiver gig ranking tips

Another key ranking factor in the updated Fiverr algorithm is the number of completed orders. Fiverr frowns against frequent order cancellations, and this can affect your gig ranking. The key to avoiding order cancellations is to communicate effectively with your buyers. Make it clear in your gig description that you should be contacted first before any order is placed to ensure you understand what the buyer wants, and you can decide if to accept the order too.

Effective communication helps to reduce order cancellations, and your ability to complete most of your orders is proof that the buyers are satisfied with your services, which can make them order your gigs repeatedly.

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  • Video or Image?

Videos are known to convert better than images, so adding a video to your gig increases your chances of ranking. Making use of a video to describe your services adds a personal touch, and draws the attention of a prospective buyer because they will be curious to watch the video. However, you should bear in mind that your video describes the services you offer, this will increase its chances of conversion by over 200%.

  • Catchy Gig Description

Your gig description can make or mar a buyer’s decision of whether to buy your services or not. When writing your Fiverr gig description, ensure you plain what your service is all about. Also, state the reasons why a prospective buyer should choose you over other sellers and what makes you unique from the rest.

You should also bear in mind that an impressive gig description increases CTR(click-through rate), and the chances of a buyer ordering your gig increase after it has been clicked. So, take your time to make your gig description expressive, it is a key factor in the updated fiverr gig ranking algorithm.


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  • Use Relevant Tags

Just like keywords, tags also improve your chances of ranking Fiverr gigs according to the Fiverr algorithm update. Incorporating tags that are related to what buyers are searching for can help you get more impressions, clicks, and orders. However, you should also bear in mind that buyers can search for a particular niche with different keywords, and you should only use tags related to the service you offer to boost your Fiverr gig ranking chances.

  • Descriptive Profile

Having a descriptive profile is a key Fiverr gig ranking factor. The first thing every potential buyer does before placing an order is to visit the sellers’ profile. Having a descriptive seller profile helps to build trust between you and your buyers. It assures them that you are professional and good at what you do.

To make your Fiverr seller profile top-notch, you can add your professional qualifications, languages spoken as well as your areas of specialization. Also, make use of your real image for your profile picture, and don’t impersonate. However, you should ensure your profile description is related to the services you offer. Doing this will pass you as an authority in your niche, a sure way too boost your Fiverr gig ranking in no time.

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  • Gig Favourites

When a person favorites your Fiverr gig, it is a positive sign that he/she likes your gig, and might order your service at some point. However, gig favorites don’t really play a major role in Fiverr gig ranking, but it can help increase your credibility as a seller.

  • Gig Performance

Fiverr always rewards sellers with impressive gig performance(views, clicks & impressions). So even as a newbie seller, with no reviews or track record,  if you can drive traffic to your Fiverr gig, then you stand a good chance of having your gig ranked and featured on Fiverr’s homepage.

CONCLUSION On Ranking Your Fiverr Gigs

The ultimate goal of every Fiverr seller is to make sales and earn thousands of dollars from the platform, and these tips discussed in this article will help guide on how to work with the updated Fiverr gig ranking algorithm to push your gig to the front gape of search results. Are you a Fiverr seller? Do you have any Fiverr gig ranking tips you would like to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment, and don’t forget to share this article because SHARING is CARING & CARING is SHARING…

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