How To Write Amazon Product Descriptions That Converts.

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If you are an Amazon seller, knowing how to write amazon product descriptions that convert will help improve your rank on Amazon search results. With an approximated 500 million+ products in stock, Amazon is easily the world’s largest online retail outlet in the world, and because of the large volume of sellers, there is always competition among each other to get their products in front of as many people as possible.

Getting your products to be seen by buyers on Amazon can only be achieved by writing  SEO optimized product descriptions with the use of specific buyer keywords related to your product, and you can easily do this by applying proper SEO basics like keyword research to boost your amazon product descriptions to ensure your products are seen by the right customers searching for them.

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Buyers search amazon because they are willing to buy, and as an Amazon seller, you can take advantage of their readiness to buy and combine it with an SEO strategy. Amazon’s search algorithm is similar to Google’s and other search engines, so by finding the right keywords and using them in your amazon product descriptions, you will improve your chances of ranking high over the competition, and also sell more products. Let’s take a look at Amazon’s search algorithm to see how it works.

Amazon’s SEO Algorithm: How It Works

With Amazon’s continuous growth, the competition among products to outrank each other increases. This simply means that higher placed products on Amazon results pages (SERPs) are more likely to be bought compared to the lower-ranked products.

Amazon uses an algorithm known as A9 to rank product search results, and it is programmed to assist buyers to find products that they need as fast as possible. The Amazon A9 algorithm makes use of different factors to help determine how products rank, let’s check them out two of the very important ones below:

  • Click To Sales Rate (CTS).

The click to sales rate is simply the number of customers who click on your product when it appears in search results and proceeds to make a purchase. This is an important metric that influences Amazon SERP rank because Amazon checks your number of recent sales to decide where your products ranking position. The idea is, if you’ve made more sales in the last month than your competition, you will outrank them, and it doesn’t matter who you are competing with. Just ensure you have more short term sales, and your SERP ranking will improve.

  • Sales Page Content.

Your sales page content is where you put your keyword research into use. Your keywords can be used in strategic places like the product title, subtitle, product description, and Amazon’s special keywords section. These keywords influence A9 into the type of products you’re selling to ensure they show up for the right customers. Using the right keywords helps A9 to do a better job of matching your products to searches so you can rank higher and make more sales.

These two factors complement each other because well-optimized contents position you on the first page, thereby helping you make more sales. The more sales you make, the longer you stay on the first page. However, you should also be conscious of the fact that knowing the right keywords to use, and also incorporating them properly into your amazon product description will make these factors work for you. Let’s check out how to find the best keywords for your amazon product description below:

Finding The Best Keywords For Your Amazon Product Description

As a seller, the keywords you use needs to reflect what your customers are searching for. This is because Amazon adopts a similar approach like Google, and all of the searches people make are logged. This system gives amazon some useful insights into what topics are currently trending, and what’s of benefit to its huge user base.

When buyers land on Amazon’s homepage, they’re shown a list of categories with some of the best selling items within each one.

This information gotten from Amazon’s landing page is very valuable. depending on which category the product you sell falls into. It also gives you a clear idea of the kind of products that your target customers are searching for, and what they need most. If you know what matters to your customers, then you can target them specifically to ensure that they are ready to buy when they see your products. By doing this, you are giving customers exactly what they came to find on Amazon, and the end result is increased revenue for you.

Furthermore, the best seller categories is an ideal place to build your keyword list. It gives you a clear idea of what people are searching for, and how to structure your amazon product descriptions to meet these needs. Need to know how to find and use these keywords? Continue reading…

  • Create A List Of The Top 10-20 Trending Items In Related Categories

Check out lists like most wished for and most gifted in every category. For instance, if you sell games, your list might include items like consoles and gaming accessories. Click on these types of products and observe the title used as well as the keywords used in the product description.

  • Try Different Long Tail Keywords Variations

Trying out different variations of long-tail keywords will improve your chances of popping up in search results. For example, instead of always using “PS4 Console”, you can try  ‘PlayStation Four console”.

  • Update Your List Frequently

Most times, when people do keyword research, they tend to use that list forever. A much better approach is to regularly update your list. This ensures that your product descriptions always have trending and relevant keywords at all times.

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Amazon Product Description Guidelines

So, we’ve discussed the Amazon search algorithm and how it works, and also how to use the right keywords in your Amazon product descriptions.  Now it’s time to learn how to write amazon product descriptions that sell. If you do want to make more sales on Amazon, this is a skill you need to learn and master. Let’s check out my proven amazon product description guidelines below:

  • Focus On The Products Benefits & Not-Its Features

Listing all the things that make your product great is cool, but you should also bear in mind that people are more interested in what your product can do for them. Your product description needs to show customers the benefits of using your product, and how it can help solve a problem. When you take your time to point out the benefits of using your product, buyers tend to get excited, and the more appealing your amazon product description is, the likelier it is for them to buy from you.

Amazon product description

  • Be Brief & Straight To The Point

When selling, you only have a few split seconds to get your customers’ attention, so I advise you to avoid heavy text descriptions and keep it simple. When used properly, a short product description can touch on the benefits of using the product as well as its features.

  • Keep The Product Title Length SHORT

The standard length of an amazon product description title shouldn’t exceed 200 characters(including spaces). This gives your product a better chance of turning up in relevant searches if your keywords are present in your product title, especially when tracked by the A9 algorithm. If you show up when customers are searching for what you sell, it’s a step in the right direction and you have successfully positioned yourself for more exposure, and more sales.

amazon product description title length

  • Make Use Of Bullet Points For Long Descriptions Or Product Details

Making use of bullet points for long descriptions or product details improves readability. Since customers are at a place where they’re ready and willing to buy something, having a block of text might scare them away. Even if your text might contain well-detailed information about the product, what’s the point if people are not reading it. The average customer will simply click on the next available product on the list. The idea here is to make it easy for customers to buy your products smoothly. Having something like a block of text might make them change their minds.

amazon product description html


Amazon’s position as the world’s largest online retailer means that there are hundreds of products to choose from, and the competition among sellers is also very high. The availability of so many products to browse through before deciding on which to buy favors the customers.

So, if you will like to thrive as a seller on Amazon, getting to the top of SERPs with SEO is the best way to succeed. Without a working SEO strategy, people won’t see your products, and you will find it difficult to sell your products. Furthermore, an effective SEO strategy positions you ahead of the competition. This is true because the more short term sales you are able to make, the likelier it is for you to stay on the front page of Amazon SERPs.

Do you have any Amazon product description guidelines that you would like to share with us? or would you like an amazon product description template to help you create amazon product descriptions that convert? If yes, you can download my amazon product description template below, it’s FREE!!!!

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However, If writing isn’t your thing, you can also hire an amazon product description writer on Fiverr to work for you. Did you find this article interesting? If yes, kindly share on your social media platforms. Remember, SHARING is CARING, and CARING is SHARING.

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