How To Increase Fiverr Gig Ranking In 2020

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If you are a Fiverr seller, then the thought of how to increase Fiverr gig ranking in order to increase sales and stay on the first page of search results for the service you offer should be a priority.

Fiverr is one of the biggest freelance marketplace platforms, and if you can effectively do your Fiverr gig ranking so your gig appears on the first page of search results for the service you offer or other related services, then you are well on course to make cool bucks from the platform.

However, one thing you need to know about ranking gig on Fiverr is that you need to understand how the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm works before you can be able to rank your gig effectively. In this article today, I will show you my personal Fiverr first page gig ranking secret which has helped me earn thousands of dollars.

How Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm Works

Fiverr gig ranking algorithm works according to the number of views you get, your conversion rate, social clicks, gig tags, and description, and ultimately your response time, delivery speed, and positive buyer reviews. These factors put together make up the Fiverr gig ranking algorithm, and if you want to do your Fiverr gig ranking effectively, then you should implement all of them.

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Fiverr Gig Ranking

As a new seller, the easiest way to show up at the top of a search query on Fiverr and start gaining your first views and impressions is by targeting low demand or low competition keyword. This has proven to be one of the most effective Fiverr gig ranking tricks, and it works perfectly. The Fiverr platform is very large, and there are enough orders to go round for everyone if you play your cards right.

Even as a new seller, targetting low demand or low competition keywords will drive a fair amount of traffic to your new created gig, and with time, as soon as you get your first sale and grow, you will start ranking for the bigger and more competitive keywords that buyers search for. This method also works well for old sellers who are trying to revive a dead or non-performing gig. To help you do this properly, I will share my personal Fiverr first page gig ranking secret. Let’s check it out in the next paragraph below

Fiverr First Page Gig Ranking Secret

To help you discover low demand or low-competition keyword on Fiverr, you can simply start searching for keywords that are related to your gig. For instance, I offer WordPress website design, and when I attempted to rank for “WordPress” I discovered that I had over 1000+ gigs to compete with, and as a beginner with no sales and positive reviews to help boost my profile, my chances of ranking on the first page for that keyword was very slim.

So, after doing my research, I tried adding prefixes and suffixes to the original keyword I wanted to rank for. In my case, I tried custom WordPress websites, design WordPress websites, fast WordPress website web design, responsive WordPress website design and lot’s more. Some of these keywords had over 500+ results showing up for them, while a few had above 1000. I continued to try out several other combinations until I finally discovered a keyword that had only 71 competing gigs, and it was something buyers were searching for.

The secret is this; when searching for a keyword on Fiverr, and the results display between 50-100, it shows that there are people searching for that keyword, and since the displayed results are quite few you have a pretty good chance of ranking your gig on fiver first page for that keyword.

Fiverr Gig Ranking Formula

Mind you, the Fiverr platform is very competitive, so even if you find yourself at the top of search results or on the first page, you need to do all you can to stay there for as long as possible, and the easiest way to do this is to rank your gig. In this section, will reveal my Fiverr gig ranking formula. It contains a checklist of how to hyper-target a keyword and finally find yourself at the top of a search.

However, you should also bear in mind that after doing all these things, it might take a couple of hours or days for Fiverr to update and for your gig to show up on the first page of search result. If there’s too much competition, you might still not show up at all, so I will advice you to target low demand or low competition keywords like I discussed in the section above.

Here’s a checklist of my Fiverr gig ranking formula below:

  1. Include your keyword in the gig title
  2. Include your keywords in your tags.
  3. Have your keyword once somewhere in the packages section.
  4. Include your keyword multiple times in your description, but be creative. Work it into what you are trying to say anyway. It should be pretty easy, in my case my keyword was responsive WordPress website design, and in my description, I added: “Get your responsive WordPress website design today at pocket-friendly pricing!”
  5. Include your keyword in your FAQ section if possible.
  6. And finally, when you start getting sales and reviews, ALWAYS respond to your reviews and try to INCLUDE your keyword in those reviews.

Using this Fiverr gig ranking formula as a brand-new seller, I was able to rank for a few keywords that were related to my niche, which over time generated impressions, views, and ultimately sales!


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CONCLUSION: Fiverr Gig Ranking 2020 Tips

If you desire to earn income online, Fiverr is the perfect place for you to monetize your skill and make some cool cash from it. However, the problem is if you target a very competitive niche, your gigs might struggle to get views, impressions, clicks and, orders. Consider these tips on how to increase Fiverr gig ranking if you want to rank your higher on Fiverr.

Have a Video

Videos are known to convert 10x better than images, so a gig with a video will definitely outrank a gig without a video. Fiverr recognizes that videos help to convey messages, and it makes it easy for even a layman to understand what you are trying to talk about. Creating a video for your gig is quite easy, and you don’t need to hire an expensive video creator to make one for you. I will recommend this incredible video creation software called VideoMaker FX. It’s an amazing drag and drop video creation software which can be used to create high quality animation, whiteboard and explainer videos for your fiverr gigs. Another equally good video creation software which you can also use to create high converting videos for your Fiverr gig’s is EXPLAINDIO. This software is easy to use and you can also add voice recordings to your videos with it.

Mind you, when creating your fiverr gig video, be concise and brief to the point because the maximum length for fiverr gig videos is 90 secs.

Focus On Low Competition Keywords

Like I said earlier on, target low competition keywords first before attempting to rank for the higher competitive keywords. Search for what kinds of gigs are in your niche. Although you don’t have to choose a low competition niche but you can include keywords that other sellers in your niche are not targetting in your gig title, and description.

For instance, instead of saying “I will create a banner for your Facebook page”, you can try “I will design a graphic for your Facebook page”. If you observe closely, you will discover that there are dozens of possible variations to try in that sentence alone.

Keyword Research

Before ranking your fiverr gig, ensure you do some basic keyword research to discover which keywords generate the most search volume on Google, and focus on the ones that have the highest volume and are not being used by other sellers in your niche. Even if those keywords are being used by other rival sellers in their title, check their gig descriptions to see if they are using them there, and if they are not, you can easily outrank them for it by adding these keywords in your descriptions.

Share Your Gigs & Promote

Views, clicks and impressions help with Fiverr gig ranking. One of the easiest way to do this is by sharing your gigs on social media platforms like Fiverr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest. You can also decide to use paid promotion methods like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or Instagram Ads.

Be Unique

Finally, make sure you have something unique in your gig that stands you out from the crowd. For instance, if other sellers in your niche are offering to deliver a service in 24hours, promise to have yours done in less than 24 hours, and make sure to include that in your title.

In order to achieve fiverr first page gig ranking, the major thing is to sell your gigs and develop your reputation as someone who delivers top-quality services quickly and on time. Fiverr always rewards these sellers with better rankings, so do all you can to separate yourself from the crowd, get some exposure, and see your sales increase.

Do you know of any other method on how to increase Fiverr gig ranking? Kindly share with us in the comment section, and if you’ve found the tips and ideas shared on how to increase fiverr gig ranking, kindly SHARE this article on any of your social media platforms.THANKS in ADVANCE..

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