VideoMaker FX Review 2020 & Amazing Bonus Package

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Introducing Videomaker FX, an incredible software that helps you create high-quality whiteboard, animation and explainer videos in record time.

Product Overview

Сrеаtоr: Peter Roszak
Рrоԁuсt: VideoMakerFX
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2014 – May –05
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 11:00 ЕSТ
Оffісіаl ѕіtе: VideomakerFX
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $37-$47
Воnuѕеѕ: ҮЕЅ, Mouth-Watering BONUSES
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ, 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее
Nісһе: Video Marketing & Video Creation.
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

What Is VideoMaker FX

Videomaker FX is a cool and easy to use drag and drop software that enables users to create high-quality animated videos like a pro in record time. This incredible tool is easily the best software to make professional videos and its ease of use makes it one of the best video creation software you can find. It also works on both Mac & Windows operating system.

VideoMaker FX Features

Videomaker FX comes packed with loads of cool features that simplify the video creation process even for a newbie. Getting started with this tool is easy, and you can quickly create your first video with it by simply launching the software, choosing your preferred slides from the premade slides and uploading your custom audio file or selecting one from the audio library to produce your video.

Furthermore, it’s drag and drop feature allows you to move any element you have created to a different position or add a new video element anywhere you want. Let’s check out some of the cool features which make Videomaker FX unique;

PREMADE THEMES: There are more than 35 different themes and 240+ animated slide scenes you can use for any kind of video you want. You can combine different sets of slides together or upload an entire set.

HUGE GRAPHIC COLLECTION: Tons of different backgrounds, images, and icons. All these graphics are included. Of course, you can add your own custom graphics element to the software library.

ROYALTY-FREE MUSIC: Users are free to add any of these 20 music tracks into their videos without copyright concerns.

VIDEO RIGHTS: With VideoMaker FX, you have the intellectual rights to your videos. It doesn’t matter where you use them, you are the owner of your videos.

TRAINING MATERIALS: Notwithstanding the fact that VideoMaker FX is very simple to use, the developers provide users with a huge collection of training materials. Videomaker FX tutorials are easy to understand, and users are provided with everything they need to get started.

SUPPORT: VideomakerFX users are entitled to 1-year of premium support and free future updates starting from the date of purchase.

How To Use Videomaker FX

Like I earlier explained, VideoMaker FX is a cool intuitive drag and drop software that comes with multiple sets of slides suitable for creating different types of videos like whiteboard, animation, explainer, slideshows, and presentation videos. This video tutorial below will show you how cool this video creation software is.

VideoMaker FX Pro Themes AddOns

If you require additional pre-made Videomaker FX templates, the software developers can provide you with access to more scenes and special character themes for your personal use. To gain access to more than 100 Videomaker FX  Pro themes and 50 scenes every month, check out this irresistible offer for more details…

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What Type Of Videos Can You Make With VideoMaker FX

With VideoMakerFX, users can create different types of videos. No matter the type of videos you need, even if it’s a short video presentation for your brand or slideshow to showcase your new product, with this software you can do this and more. Let us check out the different types of videos you can create with VideoMakerFX below

  • Business promotion
  • Product Promotion
  • Affiliate Review
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Logo Intros & stingers
  • Express Video Sales Letters
  • Product Review
  • Videos From Text Articles

See examples of videos I created using VideoMaker FX.

Videomaker FX Alternative

If you’ve been searching for Videomaker FX Alternative, there are several cool options that you can equally use to create high-quality whiteboard animation videos or for making promotional presentations. You can check out our expert opinion here on the best whiteboard animation software(coming soon).

Why You Need VideoMakerFX

Are you still undecided on whether to purchase VideomakerFX or not? Well, I will tell you why and also give you a thousand and one reasons why you need to grab a copy of this cool video creation software without delay.

Videomaker FX is very affordable, and compared to other whiteboard and animation video creation software on the market, it has everything you need to get started as a professional video creator. Heck!!! You can even use this tool to earn money as a freelancer on freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and the rest of them.

Check out how much it costs to hire a freelancer on any of these freelance platforms which I mentioned above to make an animation or explainer video for you from the screenshot below. Some of these guys charge well over $500 for a 30 seconds video. It’s not cheap and what makes this interesting is that you too can grab your share of the money because the video is the future of content marketing and more people are beginning to adopt videos as their preferred marketing tool.

videomaker fx pro themes download

How To Get VideoMaker FX

Videomaker FX costs a one-time fee of only $37, a bargain price for all the amazing features it comes with. You can get a copy of Videomaker FX from HERE, and each purchased license enables you to use the software for up to two PCs. You will receive a Videomaker FX download link after purchasing the software, it’s usually sent via email or from your user dashboard area.

Furthermore, you can get Videomaker FX discount and Videomakerfx free pro themes pack free download if you buy from this LINK as well as free access to my Videomaker FX pro themes template which contains over 500+ scenes.

These Videomaker FX Pro Themes downloads include kinetic typography, explainer character style clips, and presentation themes.

videomaker fx discount

Videomaker FX Bonuses

As usual, buying from me gives you access to my amazing bonuses. For Videomaker FX, I’ve decided to triple my bonus offers, and they are available to only those who buy from me. Let’s check out what’s inside my bonus package for videomaker FX below

  • Easy Copywriter Software

Articles are still effective nowadays in getting the attention of your readers and excite your traffic to what your offer could do to solve their problems. The thing though is that, if you want to have a high-converting copy and you are not good at writing your own, hiring someone who is an expert might be a good idea but they are not cheap. The good news is that inside this amazing product is a software that you can use to just fill the blanks with the necessary information that is relevant to your offers.

  • Videomaker FX Offline Activator

With this software, you can easily make use of Videomaker FX without internet access, YES!! you heard me right. Now this is my best-kept secret, and I usually don’t give it out for free, but you can have it if you buy from me.

  • Videomaker FX Pro Themes Templates

Buying Videomaker FX from me grants you access to my premium templates library worth over $1000. These templates come packed with hundreds of scenes and can be used to create any type of videos from whiteboard to explainer and explainer videos.

  • Secure Password Generator

Easy To Use Brandable Software Creates XXL Strong And Random Passwords! The strength of your password is one of your assets that you should care about. Assuming that you have lots of web account profiles, using the same password over and over again will compromise your account security.

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The good news is that inside this product you are about to receive and experience the power of this amazing password generator that will give you peace of mind.

  • Turbo GIF Animator

Make Animated Images in Less Than a Minute! If you are a digital marketer, chances are you may already have used graphics in promoting your products or services online.

The thing is that one of the best types of images that engage more viewers in social media is the images that are moving or simply animated images in GIF format. Now, it’s Time To Get CURRENT & Begin Informing Your Audience About Your New Product(s) In a More Interesting & Appealing Way, In Just A Few Seconds!

  • Viral Article Producer

Discover How to Produce Profit-Pulling “Viral Article” Mini-Sites in Minutes! NO HTML KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!

In the internet marketing world, content is king, and you can’t deny that fact. That’s why content producers are making out the best of their content to make it viral. The challenge though is that content creation is very time-consuming especially if you own lots of websites. But the good news is that inside this product is a powerful software that will help you produce content ideas for your content creation procedure.

  • Site Searcher Software

I know your time is valuable, so I’m just going to give you a quick description of this incredible program… This handy software allows you to spider any website and find a keyword phrase or URL. It returns a list of pages matching your search.

It provides a fast and easy method of locating all instances of a specific phrase within all the pages of a website. Search options allow you to establish how deep and how far the spider should go – maximum depth, current directory, the entire site.


Inside this e-book, you’ll learn;

+ Facebook marketing basics

+ how to set up your Facebook Page using the perfect keywords

+ How to create Facebook Ads – image, carousel, video…

+ Types of Facebook Ads

And more inside…..

  • YouTuber Playlist CREATOR

Using this new software, you can now create killer looking YouTube Playlist sites in record time!

The YouTuber Playlist Site Creator Software is Windows-based and is very simple to use. Review questions presented, fill in your answers, click finish and page is saved to your hard drive. Each playlist site takes no more than a few minutes to create once you get the hang of it. Complete documentation is provided and we even walk you step-by-step in obtaining required free API keys.

One of the best features is you can use one of the provided Bootstrap CSS themes or add your own! You can even change the main video background with one provided or use your own…

  • RSS Pro WordPress PLUGIN

Here’s An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs!

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If you are a niche marketer or blogger, chances are you may have more than one blogs to manage to make your income grow. The thing with having lots of sites to manage is the creation of the content and making it rank go Google and other major search engines on the internet.

The good thing is that, if your blog is powered by WordPress, there is an amazing plugin that is a HUGE help for many bloggers and internet marketers nowadays. This plugin is called WP RSS Pro.

  • WP Viral TRAFFIC Ninja

Traffic is the lifeblood to every profitable Internet business and WITHOUT it your beautiful looking blog will be lost in a sea of mediocrity. 

This is a Simple Automated Traffic System You Can Use To Get UNLIMITED Visitors To Your Blog For FREE! This WordPress Plugin offers your visitors a reward for telling others about your blog… and they do all the work for you!

It’s fast, it’s easy and most importantly… this method is guaranteed to drive unlimited traffic to your blog.

  • WordPress PLUGIN Builder

WP Plugin Builder Is a Windows Software That Lets You Build Your Own Products (WP Plugins)! No Coding Skills Required! You Can Create Your Own Products And You Have FULL UNRESTRICTED Rights Over Them. The Possibilities Are Endless!

  • Easy Voice Text To Speech Converter

Easy Voice Text To Speech Converter is an amazing software that converts any text to speech. This cool software works on all operating systems, and it is also very easy to install. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing either male or female voice over for your text to speech conversion. With this software, you can easily create voice-overs for any video made with Videomaker FX. 

  • WP Ebook Maker PLUGIN

Are You Ready To Start Cashing In The Ebook Craze With Your WordPress Blogs? Finally… A dead-easy, no-frills way to create ebooks with your WP blogs… Lightning-fast!

As you might know, e-books always been all the rage. They sell like hotcakes and even if you are not selling them, they get READ voraciously. Today a piece of GREAT news is coming for you. How would you like to create ebooks from your WP dashboard so that you can sell them or give them away for free? Well, IT’S possible… believe it or not.

How To Get Your Videomaker FX Bonuses

To get your bonus after purchasing the product, kindly get in touch with me via my Facebook PAGE, or send a mail to [email protected] with proof of purchase, preferably a screenshot of your Videomaker FX product purchase receipt so I can send you the download LINK to enjoy your Videomaker FX bonuses.

Tips To Help You Create Videos With VideoMaker FX

Before creating videos with Videomaker FX or any video creation software, there are certain things worth considering.

Prepare Your SCRIPT: Writing out a script before creating your video makes the video creation process easier for you. Ensure you take time out to write down everything you want to include in your video.

Be Creative: Explore the creative side of you and experiment. Try to combine slides from different templates. You can also play around with the text, colors, and slideshow styles as well as combine voice-over recordings and background music to match

Make It Short: As a video creator, your ability to deliver the messages in your videos gives you an edge. Try to make your videos as short as possible, it can help you save some valuable time and also complete projects faster.


VideoMake FX is a professional video creator that helps users create quick and engaging animated videos, whiteboard animations, product review videos, slideshows and presentations at pocket-friendly pricing.

If you are a product creator, affiliate marketer, blogger or even a freelance video creator, then VideoMaker FX is the best software to make professional videos for you, and you can  If you are still not convinced, you can try it without risk – Get full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Disclosure: This page contains a couple of affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission if purchases are made through those links. This adds no cost to our readers. The reputation we have is our most important asset, which is why we only provide completely honest recommendations.

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