How To Create A High Converting Squeeze Page In 2020

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A high converting Squeeze page is a very important element to add to your lead generation strategy, especially if you are trying to build an email list or convince your website/blog visitors to subscribe to your email list.

What Is A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page can simply be defined as a landing page, designed with the objective of obtaining email addresses from your website/blog visitors and converting them to subscribers. The primary goal of creating a squeeze page is to persuade and get your website visitors into providing you their email addresses, one of the most prized pieces of personal data you can get from anyone.

The goal of getting your visitors can be achieved by offering them something of value in return for providing their email addresses. It can be an ebook, free downloads, or offering them free trials. These free offers are usually accompanied by convincing reasons why the visitor should accept the offer and sign up for your email list.

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What Makes A Squeeze Page Converts

When creating a squeeze page, you should be careful of the type of contents you put up on your squeeze page. While you have the freedom of putting up any type of content you deem necessary, some like Ebooks, Email Courses & Graphics design templates are known to have higher conversion rates. We will touch more on this subject in the latter part of this article.

Furthermore, if you request for a user’s email address in exchange for watching your latest YouTube channel video or to download a file, this can arouse suspicion in most people. However, if you intend sending them a copy of an ebook, then asking for their email address to do so is justified. You just need to ensure that your reason for asking for a visitor’s email address is related to the offer on your squeeze page. This helps to increase the conversion rate.

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How To Create A High Converting Squeeze Page

Creating a high converting squeeze page is easy, and you can simply do these through any of the following ways;

DIY: Build your own squeeze page from scratch. If you have little knowledge of basic HTML & CSS, it would help a great deal. I have several HTML squeeze page examples that you can check out and download for free HERE. You can use any of these free squeeze page templates for personal use, they are easy to edit and modify to your taste.

WordPress Squeeze Page Plug-ins: For WordPress users, there are a host of WordPress plugins that can be used to create high converting squeeze page templates. You can easily find them by searching for ‘Squeeze Page Plugins ” in the WordPress plugin directory from your dashboard area.


However, I will recommend some really exceptional ones to make it easier for you;

  • Instapage WordPress Plugin: Instapage has everything you need to build fully customizable squeeze pages.
  • Landing Page Builder Plugin: Landing Page Builder plugin by PluginOps makes it really easy to build responsive Pages, Layouts and Landing Pages.
  • Squeeze Page Toolkit for WordPress: The Squeeze Page Toolkit is the simplest and easiest way for busy business owners to create landing pages that generate leads and customers for them.

Squeeze Page Generators: There are lots of cool tools that you can use to create free squeeze page templates. I compiled a list of some of these squeeze page generators with cool free squeeze page templates available for use. Let’s check out some of them below;

Wix: Easily one of the most popular FREE website builder with the largest library of landing page templates

Ucraft: Create responsive landing pages to showcase your product, drive organic traffic and generate more leads. Requires only a little personal touch and you are all set and ready to go.

ONTRAPORT Pages: This is a standalone landing page builder to enable businesses to quickly launch attractive landing pages. It comes packed with a host of features like Built-in forms on your pages to help capture leads, take orders and more — without integrating and paying for a third-party web form builder and an Advanced page style and design settings that can be easily toggled on or off so you can fully customize your pages

QuickPages: Create, Publish and Analyze Landing Pages Without Any Technical Knowledge

Hire An EXPERT: If you are the busy type and would prefer engaging the services of an expert to create a squeeze page for you, you can easily find a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork, MyExpertHub, Toptal, PeoplePerHour or any other freelance platform to help you create high converting squeeze pages.

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Squeeze Page Design Tips

Before designing a squeeze page, you need to be aware of certain important factors. For instance, the opt-in form is not the most important part of the page. It is only a part of it, something which every potential subscriber needs to complete before you can help them. Your offer remains the most important part of your squeeze page. Let’s check out some key squeeze page design tips below;

State Your Reason For Needing the Contact Details

When creating a squeeze page, you need to ensure there is a valid reason for needing the contact details of a prospect. You shouldn’t ask for an email address so you could contact them, it should be because you need it to deliver an offer. The first name isn’t necessary, it is optional and most autoresponders provide options for choosing important and optional details. The email address is the only important piece of information you require, that’s all you need to contact them.

Never Provide Everything, Make Them Curious

Another important squeeze page design tip is to always leave some questions unanswered. For instance, let’s say you provide a 5 part course on how to make money from affiliate marketing, you can break down your explanation in 5 different emails from how to sign up as an affiliate marketer to how to promote your offers. Then in the final email of the series, reveal to them the best practices on affiliate marketing and how to promote high converting offers.

Be Creative With Your Opt-In Form Button Design

When designing the opt-in buttons on your squeeze page, the beauty and styling of the button are irrelevant. What matters most is the “wording“, it needs to be persuasive and convincing enough with some creativity as well. For instance, check out these sample wordings below, which of them would you be more likely to click on?

Send Me My Free Course Now or Submit

Proceed Or Great-Sign Me Up

I’m In Or Grant Me Access Now

All of these wordings are likely going to give you a higher CTR (click-through-rate). Just ensure you add some creativity when designing your opt-in form button and it will increase your chances of getting positive responses.

Make Use Of Splash Pages

A splash page is simply a type of page that comes up before the homepage when a visitor visits your website. Splash pages can be used in several ways such as to offer links to different areas of the website or to act as a portal to the main site.

However. it can also be used as a squeeze page or it can contain a link to your squeeze page with every detail of your offer together with the opt-in form. It should also contain a visible button with wordings like “Not Interested In This Offer-Take Me To The Main Site

Practically, the splash page is the first page which a visitor visiting your website will see. Before selecting from the option of accepting your free offer to subscribe to your list or turning it down and proceed to your main site.

Make no mistake about this,  although splash pages can be very effective not everyone loves them. However, compared to other squeeze page examples like pop-up which most people prefer using, splash pages are better off. They are not so interfering and don’t just pop up ‘right-in-your-face’, and they cannot be blocked with a pop-up blocker.


We hope you’ve enjoyed every bit of this guide on how to create high converting squeeze pages in 2020. Remember to always keep it simple and straight to the point when designing squeeze pages. If you have any ideas on how to create great squeeze pages, feel free to SHARE with us in the comments section because SHARING is CARING & CARING is SHARING.

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