Email List Building Tips: How To Build An Email List

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Email list building is by far one of the smartest things you can do to grow your business, and knowing how to build an email list will contribute positively to your success online. It’s a well-known fact that the chances of first-time visitors ever returning to your website is very slim, as they are more than likely to leave and never visit again unless they find something that catches their interest and compels them to visit your website again. Even at that, they might never return again unless they bookmark your blog or web page.

If you are an internet marketer or blogger, you need traffic, for without traffic, your blog posts won’t be read and no one will see your offers. This is where building an email list comes in handy, because with an email list, you can easily convert your website traffic into regular subscribers, and the long term benefits of email list building are just too good to be ignored.

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The primary aim of this post is to highlight the benefits of building an email list, and also teach you high effective email list building tips to help you grow your email list as quickly as possible. But first, let’s check out what an email list actually means and why it is so valuable to internet marketers and bloggers.

What Is An Email LIST?

There are different definitions as to what an email list really is, but I will try to make mines very simple and easy to understand. An email list is a collection of emails which you have obtained from your website, blog or sales page and can be used by an individual to share marketing materials to multiple recipients.

What Makes An Email List So Valuable?

If you been an internet marketer or blogger long enough, then you will understand the popular phrase which says “ there is money in the list”, and that email marketing has a higher ROI (Return On Investment) compared to every other marketing strategies.

The facts don’t lie……

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average returns exceed $25, and an estimated 70% of consumers prefer email as their channel of communication with companies they do business with. These statistics are real and basically reveals how much money you can make if you decide to market your products & services via email to your subscribers.

The long term benefits are incredible, and this makes email list building a very important thing to do if you do want to grow your business online.

Why You Need An Email List

Email Keeps Things Professional

Although most businesses have switched to using social media to advertise their products and services, email remains the preferred means to reach connect with support teams. Furthermore connecting via email is also regarded to add some professionalism when it comes to filing complaints, making requests, seeking partnerships or any other reasons.

Email For More Personalization

Collecting emails organically helps businesses to know that the individual has shown genuine interest in their product or service. Also, depending on the sign-up process and other metrics, these subscribers can further be categorized into several email lists to allow for more personalization with email marketing.

For instance, if you offer a lead magnet called “ How To Increase Your Blog Traffic In 5 Simple Steps’ you will assume that anyone who subscribes to that list is in need of traffic generation techniques. However, if your lead magnet talks about “How To Create High-Quality Websites”, then the probability of your new subscriber being a web designer is high.

These metrics will help you divide your list into more specific subgroups, and enable you to send more personalized emails with a clear CTA that helps solve the subscribers’ current challenges and struggles.

Email List Building Tips

Before you start building an email list, you need to have a good email marketing software. However, there are lots of options to choose from depending on your needs and email list size. Also, the services provided by these email marketing service providers differ, and after carefully considering each of them, I can confidently say SendPulse & Sendiio are great choices.

I will tell you why…….

In all my years as an internet marketer/blogger, I have tried different email marketing software’s and I’ve had great success using SendPulse & Sendiio for my email marketing needs. These two software’s make email marketing easy especially if you want to automate your email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, they both have affordable pricing plans, tailored to suit your budget especially if you are an online business owner, blogger, affiliate marketer, and small business owner. Other equally cool email marketing software include;

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How To Build An Email List

Now that you have gotten a good email marketing software, the next thing to do is to figure out how to build and grow your list.

The best way to build an email list is by doing it organically, and any experienced email marketer will tell you that organic email lists built over a long period usually produce the best results. This simply means that your email marketing campaigns will get receive far higher open rates, greater click-through rates and conversions and ultimately more sales…

To help you understand further, I will explain further. Basically, there are three major points to consider when if you want build an email list organically, and they are;

  • Quality: Ensure your emails are sent to real persons who check their emails regularly
  • Relevance: Your list subscribers should belong in your niche and also be interested in your industry
  • Frequency: When building an email list, have it in mind that the frequency of your email campaigns needs to be sustained. A change in volume can impact negatively on your key metrics.

So, here’s what to do…..

Start Early:

An effective way to start with email list building is to start early. By so doing, your results to compound over time while reducing the time and effort you spend on your email marketing campaigns.

Provide Incentives:

Devise a means to earn your blog or website visitor email address. The easiest way to do this is by providing a lead magnet that users can access for use or download after providing their email addresses in your opt-in form.

Your lead magnet can be a free e-book, a course, a short guide or checklist that provides value or solves one or more problems faced by your readers. If you are building an email list for software or product launch, it’s advisable you offer discounts, coupons or free trials that your audience can make take advantage of.

Display Your Email Opt-In Form On Your Website

Displaying your email opt-in form on your website will help build an email list faster. Ensure it’s positioned in a vantage point where your readers can easily see it. Places where you can embed your email opt-in form on your website for increased conversions include;

  • At the Navigation menu bar
  • In between Posts
  • In your sidebar
  • Footer Area
  • Pop up notifications.

Send A Welcome Message To Everyone Who Subscribes To Your List

It’s standard practice to send a welcome message to anyone who signs up for your list. Now the question is, what type of email should you send to them? Practically all email marketing software make provisions for you to send an automated ‘welcome email’ to anyone who subscribes to your email. So, make sure you are not left out.

Personally, I like keeping it simple and friendly with my welcome emails, and I advise you to do same. Something like this will be just fine.

Hey, Name

Thanks for joining my email list.

I’m Martin G. I’m the founder of NettPreneur. Here’s the link to the free guide I promised you.

But before I go, I have a quick question:

“Do you have any issues bothering you?”

Even if it’s something small. I’d love to hear more, feel free to tell me.

To your success,
Martin G.

My reason for asking this question is to find out if my subscribers are having any issues, their replies will help me figure out what type of content to create that will help them with their struggles. It also helps to build the relationship between me and subscribers, giving them the assurance that I have their interest at heart.

Regular Content Creation

Regular content creation is another effective way of building an email list. However, this doesn’t imply that any type of content would do, make sure you create VIRAL and evergreen content.

This is because VIRAL contents are easily shared by people, and when your viral contents are shared, it pushes your email opt-in form in front of more eyeballs which increases your email sign-ups. Viral contents can be in the form of funny videos, tutorials, and how-to articles. Just ensure your VIRAL content are evergreen and can easily be shared within your niche or community.


Knowing how to build an email list will help you retain lots of your visitors who showed interest in your site but left without taking any serious action. An email list is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools, and every time spent on learning email list building is time well spent.

Furthermore, your email list can not only serve as a cash machine for you, it can also help to spread the word about your product or services.

Do you have any email list building tips that work for you? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below. Also, if you’ve found this article very helpful, don’t forget to SHARE, because SHARING is CARING and CARING is SHARING.

Sharing Is CARING

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