How To Earn From Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

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How to make money through affiliate marketing without a website is one of the most commonly asked questions in the affiliate marketing niche today. Yes!!!, anyone can make money through affiliate marketing without having a website, but it all depends on your marketing strategy and the product/offer you are promoting. To give you a clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works, let’s do a quick recap of what it actually means.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promoting/marketing other people’s products with the sole aim of earning a specified percentage as a commission when the product is sold. Affiliate marketing come in various forms, and another popular type of affiliate marketing is known as CPA Marketing or Cost Per Action marketing.

With this type of marketing, you get to earn a commission when someone takes a specific action like signing up for a newsletter or opt into an email form. If you are not the creative type, then you can still make money online by leveraging on the creativity of others through affiliate marketing. You can also check out my article on other ways to make money online with ease.

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How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

Now back to the big question, “How can one make money through affiliate marketing without a website”? You might be wondering if this is actually possible, and how it can be achieved. The answer is “YES”. There are several different ways through which anyone can make money without having a website, and I’m will highlight on some of them below;

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one the coolest ways to be an affiliate marketer without having a website of your own. There is money in the list, and  If you have maintained a list of email addresses, no matter how small it is; you can utilize it to the fullest by promoting your affiliate offers to your contacts.

For instance, most schools maintain an active email list which contains the contact email address for most of its students. Parents are usually sent periodic mails, either at the beginning of a new academic session, encouraging them to shop for school items for their kids from specific online stores which they are affiliated to. When parents make their purchases from these online stores, the schools earn certain amounts which will be automatically credited to their accounts and used to improve the learning environment for the kids.

Social Media

If you are an influencer on any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram, then you can leverage on your popularity by promoting affiliate offers & products that bring value to your social media followers and fans. Since they trust you, the likelihood of them buying any product you recommend is very high.

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Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is also another effective way of affiliate marketing without a website. Although, opting to use paid advertising for promoting your affiliate offers requires you to do any of the following  Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, Instagram Advertising, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and lots more. Furthermore, paid advertising offers you the opportunity to reach out to more people, and target specific users according to their interests.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing remains the only medium of advertising which has the highest percentage of retention rates. With Video Marketing, you don’t really need a website. You can sign up on video streaming platforms like Vimeo, Wistia or Youtube and create your own channel. You can also include links to your affiliate offers in the video description section when uploading them on your channel.

Why Use A Website Or Blog For Affiliate Marketing.

Most people who earn decent amounts from affiliate marketing make use of blogs or websites to generate sales. The importance of having a blog or website for affiliate marketing is simply because directing people to an affiliate LINK and hoping they buy or take action might not be enough. You need to offer them something of value in return. It could be a well-packaged bonus in the form of an e-book or software which would come in handy for them.

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