Facebook Ad Guidelines: All You Need To Know.

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Advertising on Facebook is no longer a secret, but being successful with Facebook Advertising requires you follow the standard Facebook Ad guidelines. Facebook is not just a social platform, it also serves as an advertising platform which enables businesses to place targeted ads.These days, practically every business is making use of Facebook to reach out to wider audience and generate greater conversions. However, one thing you have to know above Facebook ad is that; a poorly executed ad campaign can greatly affect your brand’s reputation. Even if you are already an expert or a beginner with setting up Facebook ads, sticking to Facebook ad guidelines would greatly improve the chances of your ad campaigns being successful.

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Facebook Ad Guidelines To Watch Out For

There are certain rules associated with Facebook ads, and your ability to stick to them improves the chances of you having successful ad campaigns. Let’s checkout some of them below;


 Always Stay Genuine:

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, it is highly recommended that you stay genuine. Ad posted on Facebook should always redirect the visitors to your genuine page or profile and not to some other page which is not related in any way to your Facebook Ad.

Endeavor To Research Your Target Audience:

Targeting has a huge part to play when it comes to Facebook ads. Even before you get started with your ad campaign; make it a point of duty to research on who your target customers are and how will they provide benefits to you.

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 Have A Clear CTA:

Having a clear and concise CTA (Call to Action) helps in compelling a user to take action and implement techniques like buying, increasing sales or generating fresh leads in.

 Track Your Ad Campaigns:

Tracking your ad campaigns is one of the surest ways to determine the success or failure of your Facebook Ad. Luckily, this can be done using tools from your Facebook Ad manager to successfully monitor the performance of your Ads.
Make Use Of Relevant Ad Text & Image:

Ensure you make use of  text and images which justifies your aim of advertising on Facebook, and makes it clear to your audience on why they need to take action by viewing your ad.

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Confuse your audience with complex content:

Being creative works out for other advertising methods but for facebook advertising, avoid using complex content, to ensure user takes immediate action, instead of thinking and understanding your CTA, content and text.

Neglect mobile users:

It’s no secret that a vast majority of web traffic today, comes from mobile users. So, failure to publish ads for mobile visitors can decrease the volume of visitors that are viewing your ad.

 Use image which is more than 20% of text:

Try to use ad image(s) with less than 20% of the text space in order to attract viewers. Use the only proper images that complements with your brand and text of the ad.

Be tricky with your audience:

Attempting to play smart with your audience by writing complex contents for your ad has its disadvantages. Eight times out of ten, and average Facebook user will prefer clicking on ad contents with easy to read and understand texts. Simple content helps to define your brand, and increases your ad conversion rate.

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