How To Withdraw From PayPal In Nigeria (Updated)

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The issue of withdrawing from paypal to Nigeria bank has made many spend unnecessary money without getting any good result. The fraudulent ones easily take advantage since they are aware that almost every paypal users need it.

I was chatting with a guy recently who asked me to teach him how to withdraw from PayPal to Nigeria bank because he was tired of selling his funds cheap, based on my Withdrawal package on paypal Nigeria website. And after then, he was like demn, i wish i had met you on time i wouldn’t have lost 20k to some internet fraudsters who claimed to have found a better way to withdraw to Nigeria bank. After payment they ran away with his money. There’s no doubt many others has been scammed in the cost of learning how to get their paypal funds in Naira. But the truth remains “You can cashout and get your payment in Naira”. Here are some things you need to know.

How to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria

Below are some of the facts to learn about the withdrawal package i wrote about Here.

  • This is a Card Withdrawal

    Direct Bank withdrawal formally work for UK and US precisely, but this days it seem to be difficult adding bank to UK just like every other country. That means, Only US paypal comfortably accept direct bank withdrawal for now. I stated some countries that support Card withdrawal earlier on my page PayPal Nigeria and some guys are like “does it mean i can just create any of these countries paypal account and add my card to withdraw? But the answer is no, There are certain procedures to make things work i wrote about that here. Applying the above method, it was officially stated that all of the above countries supports card withdrawal. Recently, Admin wrote an article “how to verify your US paypal account with Payoneer but the fact is that SSN documents remains an obstacle. If you must Manage a better US paypal, then you need to buy SSN documents which cost about $100 and that’s the major reason you are more likely to consider this card withdrawal method because person like me, $100 for SSN documents are demn expensive.

  • Doesn’t Work for all Country:

    Like i have stated above, there are certain countries that support card withdrawal but the issue here is that i haven’t tested all. When i was carrying out my experiment on how to withdraw, i only tested few countries : UAE, Lesotho, Morocco, South Africa, Iceland, Senegal, US, Canada, UK, England and Australia. Among all, the only ones that worked was UAE, Lesotho, Morocco, Iceland, Senegal others didn’t work. Automatically, This card withdrawal method don’t work for any European country if you ask me.

  • It’s Instant Withdrawal:

    It means, you don’t have to hit the withdrawal button and keep waiting for days. As soon as you enter the amount you want to cashout, click on withdraw, 5$ will be deducted and the rest will be credited to your bank automatically. You might also be wondering at what rate you get paid when you withdraw.?? The truth is that, there’s no fixed amount knowingly that Dollar to Naira exchange rate goes up and down but the lowest you will expect is 360/$ most cases 365 and above.

  • There’s $5 Charges

    The card withdrawal is more profitable because the transaction charges is less. You will only be charged $5 (five Dollars) for every successful transaction to your card, wither small or big. That means, if i withdraw 500$ to my card i will be charged $5 and if you withdraw 10$ you will be charged $5. Furthermore, the lowest you can withdraw with this method is $10.

  • What’s the highest you can withdraw

    once your PayPal account is verified (i mean card has been linked and confirmed) You are allowed to do about $10k monthly transaction. But this card method can only take 300,000Naira. (three hundred Thousand naira). It can’t handle more than that for now. But you can do it over and over again while your money is been withdrawn from the card. What i mean here is that, You can’t leave above 300k on card. So if you have more to withdraw, You will have to do it repeatedly.

So what’s the way forward

I will show you how to Acquire the card that works and how to activate your card for paypal withdrawal. Once you link your card with your PayPal account, that’s all. Beside that, i also gave out many other amazing Bonus offers alongside. Nobody will sell them to you 20k Naira. YOU CAN FOLLOW BELOW ACCESS IMAGE TO ENTER MY PAGE where i shared everything with clients testimonies. Share this page for others who also want to learn how to withdraw from PayPal in Nigeria. and feel free to drop your comments.

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