How To Make Money Online Using Your Writing Skills.

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When we talk about how to make money online, the very first thing that comes to the mind of the uninformed person is a get-rich-quick scheme. We are all familiar with online scams- popularly known as Ponzi schemes” or “Advanced Fee Fraud. If you are not, then you must be living in the Stone Age.  These groups of people believe that the only way to actually make an income online is by relieving someone of his/her hard earned money.

This is certainly very untrue. You can actually make money ( enough to give you a comfortable lifestyle) legitimately from the internet , which is precisely why I wrote this article. So how can you make money from the internet without having to invest your money other than a few hours daily and simply by writing stories or articles? If you write articulately about something or any subject you know about, you can make a lot of money online. You might be thinking that you cannot write or that you don’t know what to write about but this is obviously not true.

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Even an idiot is good at being an idiot. You could write on virtually anything that offers information, solves a problem, give tips or advice and people will be interested in what you have to offer. Yes ,people would be interested on your own point of view on the issue being discussed. The truth is, In everyone, lies a divergent point of view on every topical issue, we all have an interest or two, be it politics, romance, religion, soccer, husbandry, entertainment, sports e.t.c. it doesn’t matter.

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So why would you choose writing articles online instead of opting for a paid job somewhere? Reasons abound.

*You become your own boss. You don’t have to get tied down with a 9-5 job as most people currently are. It creates enough freedom for you to do a host of other things.

*You create a name for yourself. That is, you become popular as you would create solutions to various problems with your written articles.

*You take Charge of your affairs: If you have children, or you have an invalid, it gives you the time to cater for them (without fear of losing your job) from home.


If you decide to go into article writing full time, you would definitely need a “RESUME” along the line. Your resume should have links of articles that you’ve written before now. If you don’t have any previously written articles, don’t worry about that. There are a few companies where you could start off with without a resume. With these companies you will have a string of articles that you could use in your resume.

There are various types of writing jobs that pay well. “Article Writing” and “Blogging“. Blogging jobs are fantastic because they are easier and faster to write. You also get to add a personal touch to what you are writing about. Article writing is also very profitable if you know the right companies to write for. A whole lot of article writing jobs exist, they include; how to’s articles, reviews, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) article copy and informational write-ups too. You could decide which direction you want to pursue: blogging or article writing.

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You could always do both if you choose to. For Article writing jobs, deadlines exist. You must beat the deadlines and submit your articles on time. Failure to submit on time could lead to you loosing your job which I believe you wouldn’t want to. So don’t claim jobs you know you wont have time to attend to. For some blogging jobs you will need knowledge and understanding of the platform you choose to create your blog with. Two of the foremost blogging platforms are “Wordpress” and “Blogger”. You can sign up on either of the two and give it a go. WordPress platforms are a bit more technical compared to Blogger, but once you’ve understood it’s set-up you would like it.  However it’s worthy to note that aside these two platforms, there also exist lot’s of other worthy blogging platforms e.g Joomla, Tumblr e.t.c.

To get started visit either of these sites for free registration or . Finally you would need a payment system and most article writing companies use Paypal. A Paypal account is a MUST when it comes to earning online. Luckily enough Paypal now accepts Nigerians, and you can also check out this guide on how to easily create a Nigerian Paypal Account that sends and receive. So quit looking for that virtually non-existent white collar job, put your writing skills into use and earn some cool cash for yourself


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