Hottest Facebook Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On.

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Facebook marketing is a key part of the digital marketing industry. Even with the availability of a variety of options to choose from, Facebook advertising has maintained its position as the number one choice of business owners to promote their products, services, brand, or events.

Facebook ads formats and targeting options are changing every day, and as such, it’s up to you as an advertiser to stay updated and reap the benefits of the evolving trends of Facebook marketing. To help you get started with setting up your Facebook ad campaigns, I’ve listed out some of the hottest Facebook marketing trends to watch out for. You can use these trends to fuel your ad campaigns and earn the results which you desire from them. Let’s check them out below;

Facebook Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

Mobile Users On The Rise:

The number of mobile Facebook users is on a steady rise every day, and because of this dramatic increase; it has become very important for business owners to target mobile visitors as well with their ad campaigns. Furthermore, Facebook’s new ad formats optimized for mobile devices. This helps marketers to post ads that can target traffic from mobile and other handheld devices.

Increase In Use Of Videos For Advertising:

Video advertising is a new trend in the digital marketing industry, and Facebook has quickly adopted this advertising trend for its users. According to Facebook’s Q3 earning report, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the platform generates over 8 billion video views daily. This is a big plus for advertisers on Facebook, as video ads published in news feed capture the attention of users and also increase the click rate for the ad. Furthermore, video ads enable easy retargeting for mobile and desktop traffic.

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Specific Local Ads:

Geo-targeted ads form a major part of Facebook marketing, while hyperlocal ad targeting enables marketers to reach out to a wider audience of same interest located within 1 mile of a physical store or shopping mall. Local ads have proven to be more effective, which is why they easily get synchronized with mobile ad formats such as; Click-for-Directions or Click-To-Call. This type of ad is very effective when your target audience is based locally.

Facebook Retargeting Becomes Powerful:

Dynamic product ads were introduced by Facebook in 2015, and it offers a high retargeting solution which relies on real-time product information. The major benefits of adopting Facebook retargeting tools include;

  • Promoting the business at any time and your convenience.
  • Set the campaign once, and it will reach your target audience every time.
  • Can reach to the audience with any device, either mobile or desktop.
  • Highly relevant. Shows the right product to the right people, which improves the chances of purchase.

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More Carousel-Type Ads:

Carousel format Facebook ads enable advertisers to display more than one image on a Facebook ad with a single link. This feature makes Carousel type ads very popular amongst all other Facebook ad formats. Other reasons why Carousel Ads are the preferred advertising format for Facebook advertisers include;

  • It enables advertisers to showcase more than one product on a single ad
  • Carousel Ads drives better results and engagements compared to other Facebook Ad formats.


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