July 6, 2020
  • Monday, July 6, 2020

Every marketer is prone to making basic Facebook advertising mistakes when it comes to setting up ad campaigns on Facebook. We all know Facebook Advertising is easily one of the most effective and surest ways to spread the word about and get people to know about your brand, business, or a product, including potential customers. This is probably because Facebook knows a lot about its users and the type of business being promoted through its platform. A successful Ad campaign helps increase sales, but if it’s not done right, it can hurt your business.

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While no one can be out-rightly seen as a Facebook Ad expert because of the ever-changing Facebook Ad algorithm, but there are lots of practices which can help you run successful Facebook Ad campaigns even as a newbie. These practices will help you avoid the mistakes which could disrupt advertising results. It is worthy to note that, a highly performing Facebook Ad is ranked higher and at a reduced cost to the ad owner.

Facebook advertising mistakes to avoid

Having No Proper/Specific Goal.

Having a specific goal is the first and most important thing when creating Facebook Ads. Failure to have a poorly defined purpose can cause distractions for you, and also create negative impacts on your ad campaigns. But having a specific goal puts you on the right track.

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Bragging About Features Instead Of Benefits.

People usually look out for the benefits of a particular product or services before spending their hard earned money on it. Although, the feature of the product or services offered has a key role to play in the buying process, but you should focus more on its benefits.

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No CTA(Call To Action).

Adding a strong call to action button can be the difference between the success or failure of your Facebook ad campaign. If your objective is for people to like your page, click on your ad or take other actions, then a CTA is the best way to compel them to do so. Having a CTA on your Facebook Ad helps your customers and visitors to take action without difficulties, and you should also make sure your CTA highlights some of the benefits of using your product or services.

Using The Wrong Image/Bad Headline & Poor Text Formatting.

The most important part of a Facebook ad is its headline because it’s the part that grabs the attention of customers and directs them to your ad. A poor headline has a negative impact on an ad, and unless your brand has gained some level of popularity, having a bad headline won’t be ideal.  Also, endeavor to use images related to your ad, and proper text formatting as well.

Poorly Designed Landing Page.

The major reason why visitors click on your ad is because they believe they can find something of value from it. A poorly designed landing page which does not reflect what your Ad talks about can have negative impacts on your conversion rates.

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Your ability to spot and avoid the mistakes discussed in this article will help you record success from your Facebook ad campaign, and make it worth the while. If you are interested in learning more about Facebook Ads, then don’t fail to download your own copy of “My Free E-book” on Facebook Advertising below. Don’t forget to SHARE this article, someone somewhere might just be looking for related information; because “CARING is SHARING & SHARING is CARING.


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