How To Find Online Writing Jobs That Pay

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Online writing jobs are some of the coolest ways to make money online especially if you have a flair for writing. Writers are always in high demand, as Bloggers and webmasters require fresh content to keep their Blogs/Websites updated and also make their visitors engaged.

In one of my previous posts, I discussed how you can earn money and make a living online using your writing skills. Now in this post, I am going to teach you how to find online writing jobs that pay, and also list out guidelines as to how best you can maximize your online earnings from writing. The best part of this post is that I will list out the names of actual companies/platforms where you can sign up and find online writing jobs that pay. Each of these platforms it’s own terms and policies so make sure you read and understand them before you apply.

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How To Find Online Writing Jobs That Pay


Fiverr is one of the best freelancing websites at the moment. As a writer, you get to be your own boss on Fiverr. The best part is that you don’t look for clients, clients look for you. Furthermore, you get to set your own rates – you can decide to request $5 for 500, 300, 100 and even 10 words. But don’t be too optimistic, the average going rate is $5 for 500 words which is what I advise you charge on Fiverr. Checkout screenshot proof of my earnings on Fiverr from my article writing gig below;

To apply; visit Fiverr


WriterAccess should have been top on the list if it wasn’t for the fact that they accept only US-based writers for now. The application process is a bit stressful, but the advantages of working for WriterAccess certainly outweigh its disadvantages. There is always plenty of work on the site and you can pick up to 5 orders at a go depending on how many orders you have completed so far. This is especially useful for those who have a number of writers working under them. The orders rarely go through an editor and the approval process is much faster and clients hardly ever request revisions.  Payment depends on the level assigned according to the quality of the sample used during the application process.

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To get started: visit WritersAccess


Upwork ranks among one of the best platforms to find online writing jobs that pay. Very similar in structure to Fiverr, writers can bid for writing jobs on Upwork, and the more jobs you successfully complete, the higher your ratings. Creating a user profile on Upwork is free, but you have to verify your profile afterward. Writers can cash out their earnings on Upwork via Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Transfer.

Starting in May, freelancers will be charged anywhere from $0.15 and $0.90 to submit a job proposal, as opposed to being free. To help freelancers and employers alike prepare for the transition, here is a comprehensive guide to the Upwork Connects pricing changes with everything you need to know.

To get started, visit Upwork

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This is perhaps the best place for a beginner to start his article writing career. With associated content, you get to choose your own topics to write on. If it is specific enough, you will be offered a sum of money. It is left for you to accept or reject the money offered. Denying it would lead to your articles not being published. As a beginner, I would advise you to accept anything you are offered so as to get published articles behind you for better-paying jobs. Under associated content, there are two payment options to choose from. You can submit your articles as exclusive( that is you give up all rights to the article and cannot publish it elsewhere), or non-exclusive (i.e you can republish the article) However you should also note that Exclusive articles earn more than non-exclusive articles. There is also the option of choosing upfront payment or performance-based payments only. Upfront payment means your articles will be reviewed for payment immediately. You may be offered a certain amount of money or you may be asked to resubmit it for performance payments only if it is not specific enough. If you happen to choose performance payments only, you will get paid based on the number of people who view your articles monthly. Though the money is not much, it still serves some purpose.

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To get started; visit Associated Content


This is one of the most reputable and best article writing sites and one of my most preferred. Demand studios contracts with other companies that are looking for articles. They then post the assignment by title and you get a chance to claim them. They pay quite well and their payment scheme is based on per article submitted. That way you get to know what you will be paid even before accepting the article. With this site you could make a minimum of $300 weekly. Before you can be accepted by demand studios, you will have to provide links to previous articles. Once you claim a topic with demand studios, the stipulated time frame given for completion is 7 days. If you happen to change your mind at any time, you can un-claim them and they will go back to the topics pool. You could also suggest topics after establishing grounds with them. All payments are strictly through Paypal only. Payments are made every Friday of the week and they are very prompt too with their payouts.

To get started; visit Demand Studios


Textbroker offers some of the lowest rates, but it is still a great website. You will always find hundreds of orders available to work on. You can always earn more through direct and team orders. The editors only check the orders to give you advice on how you can improve your writing and to determine your rating. US writers only, but they have an affiliate website at where they accept applications from all around the world.  The best part is that the rating you have depends on the average of the last five orders rated by the editorial team. The payment you receive for the orders depends on your rating.  2 star – $3.5 for 500 words  3 star – $5 for 500 words  4 star – $7 for 500 words  5 star – $25 for 500 words

To get started, visit Text Broker


The site has been revamped and restructured, it used to be crappy for a couple of years until recently. Now they have better rates and support is much better. They are a bit too strict on quality, especially grammar. They tend to deactivate accounts at the slightest of provocations.  Standard article – $20 for 400 words  Premium articles – $40 for 400 words

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To get started, visit Writers Domain


The pay here at first isn’t much but the higher you move, the pay becomes more reasonable. The best part is that the registration process is very simple – just fill in your name and email address and you are good to go!  Standard Writer– $2.53 for 500 words  Premium Writer – $4.05 for 500 words  Elite Writer – $15 for 500 words

To apply, visit IWriter


Vivilia is another cool platform where writers can find online writing jobs that pay. Getting started on Vivilia is easy, all you need do is sign up and create your portfolio. If you have any previous working experience, you can also upload to make your profile look impressive and attract big brands and media who look for professionals like you to work with them. Writers on Vivilia are paid via Payoneer, Paypal or Bank Transfer, and one impressive feature which makes Vivilia stand out is that writers have the flexibility of choosing to work part-time or full time.

However, one thing you ought to know about this platform is that, the better your writing skills, the higher you charge and earn.

To get started, visit Vivilia

Other equally good online article writing companies where you can find online writing jobs that pay include: – from £0.04 to £20 for 500 words

PSD – Get paid to write Photoshop tutorials – Get paid within 30 days to write about Photoshop, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery mobile, WordPress and any CMS. – Tutorial-based website.

The Content authority Payments Tier 1 – $3.5 for 500 words Tier 2 – $5 for 500 words Tier 3 – $7.5 for 500 words Tier 4 – $15 for 500 words – $30 for 500 words. – $5 for 500 words but very little work – Payment is around £3 – £5 for 500 words. though it requires plenty of work.


Content is “KING”, and if you have good writing skills, then you can easily find online writing jobs that pay on any of the sites which we’ve talked about on this post. Do you know of any other platform where skilled writers can earn money online with their writing skills? If yes feel free to leave your comments using the comment box below. Don’t forget to SHARE this post, remember; SHARING is CARING and CARING is SHARING


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