Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

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Optimizing your facebook advertising strategy is a very effective way of increasing the conversion rate of your facebook ad campaigns. We all know Facebook ads is easily the most popular means of marketing on Facebook and increasing your ROI (Return On Investment).

Furthermore, Facebook ads are easy to use and monitor. They allow you to control your own marketing budget and offer tools to measure the success of your advertising campaign. Many small business try to get traffic through Facebook pages,  although it’s highly recommended to use paid advertising services of Facebook i.e. Facebook adverts.

If you have already been trying this without having your  desired results OR never tried it once for your business,  then these tips listed here  would be help you a great deal in optimizing your facebook advertising strategy:

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How To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Have Clearly Defined Goals:

Having clearly defined goals and objectives before creating a facebook ad campaign helps to determine your performance for attaining these goals and objectives. Adopting this approach helps you track conversions and ROI(Return On Investment) for every ad campaign.

Monitor Adverts Performance:

You can keep track of your advert performance in the Facebook Ads Manager area before deciding on your next move to help achieve your goals and objectives from the campaign. The Facebook Ads Manager can also be used to track results, cost per result, conversion rate, view audience insight, interests, demographics and purchase behaviors to enable you create adverts related to your campaign in future.

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Track Conversions:

If you would like to know what your visitors do after clicking on your advert, ensure you make use of conversion tracking tools to monitor visitors actions and optimize your business to increase your conversion rate or to gain new customers who have similar interest with the existing ones on your list. This helps to increase sales and build a solid customer base.

Try Out Different Images:

Using the right set of images can make a lot of difference in your user engagement and conversion rates for your Facebook Ad campaign. It’s highly recommended to create at least 2-3 similar ads with a unique image to test each of them. Also remember to add a CTA (Call To Action) button to your images. Ensure that advert image and text are placed appropriately, in accordance with Facebook standards.

Reshuffle Your Ads:

No one likes seeing same ad over again on their timeline. Be creative and re-shuffle your ad. Discover the audience which share similar interest with your customers. This will create room for more people to get in to your list and also improve the conversion rate and ROI(Return On Investment) for your Facebook Advert campaign.

Achieving the best results from your Facebook ads campaign is not as difficult as it seems. These tips discussed in this article will help set you on the right path towards optimizing your Facebook Advertising Strategy. To help you understand and master how Facebook Ads work; i’m also giving out a free E-book on Facebook Advertising, find the download LINK below. You can also checkout my post on how to save money on facebook advertising cost.

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