How To Generate Money Making Ideas From Home

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Money making Ideas are the springboards to entrepreneurship and financial freedom, not a paid job. A paid job will only get you to the level of being comfortable and not financial security, unless you combine your paid job with other investments. 

In our society today, much attention is being paid to getting employed in multinational/bluechip firms after graduating from college. We have been schooled and taught so by our parents or guardians. Our mindset has been tuned into receiving a fat wage the moment we are through with the university, and that is after spending a minimum of 4-5 years pursuing a professional career and sweating it out academically with the prospective future of earning fat wages. Very absurd indeed!  We have gone past the industrial age into the information age, but many people are still living the life of the industrial age. There is no way that a paid worker will ever become the World’s richest man, truth is no matter the level of education you’ve got and irrespective of your degrees, you are below the individual who pays you your monthly wages.

How To Generate Money Making Ideas From Home 

Let’s be frank wage earners are rarely financially free, with the exception of those that have other interests. In your quest to achieving financial security, don’t ever think of working for someone to attain your goal. Of course you could work for sometime, either to raise some capital to start up on your own or to get some much needed experience to further that money making idea of yours. Without reasonable doubt, thinking or having the mindset of working for someone else forever is Suicidal” to your dreams of achieving financial propriety.

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You could generate excellent money making ideas consciously, with the help of your subconscious mind. For instance, taking a good look at your locality and immediate environment, what type of product can you offer that will solve a major need, problem or challenge that the people are facing?  You could go further by generating an idea that would solve the need of not just your locality, but the nation at large. You could even goInternational“. However, it is always good to start with your immediate environment, that way you will build more trust and faith in your product/idea.  Before trying out a prospective money making idea/product there are several key steps you need to follow, i will outline and explain them with great details:

1.SEEK HELP FROM LIKE MINDED PEOPLE: Now that you have a prospective idea/product that could turn your financial fortunes around and change your life for good, however there is a big “BUT”, you don’t have the finances to propel your product/idea. Most people who have achieved financial breakthrough with their ideas/products have found themselves in similar situations, yet they still succeeded.  First thing first, you need to be observant of people you discuss your ideas with. Some people are very good at killing other people’s dreams, you need to avoid such people at all cost. The truth is in life, you cannot go very far without some form of “Leverage”. Leverage in the form of:

  • *(OPT) Other People’s Time
  • *(OPP) Other People’s Property
  • *(OPM) Other People’s Money
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These three key factors are indispensable to the successful execution of your proposed money making idea/product. A lot has been said about OPM,OPT,OPP. Before using OPM, you need to ascertain the success of your idea/product. The only way you can be sure of success is if an idea/product is within your control.  As your idea enters this stage, the finance, time and environment needed for the business will show itself. All you need do is always think and remain positive.

2.DON’T EVER THINK OF GIVING UP: When setting out on a fresh money making idea/product, you will face seemingly insurmountable hurdles/problems, but think of the crowning success and fulfillment at the end of the race. The crown represents unlimited wealth beyond your wildest dreams, the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. One thing you must know is this “Nothing good comes easy”. Challenges are meant to make you stronger, it’s like the process of passing “Gold”  through fire. It only makes it become purer and better. So never quit, never give up, hold on and be tenacious, as long as you are on the right track, you will succeed.

3.PRODUCT/IDEA PACKAGING: For your idea/product to be accepted it has to be unique from what is already in existence. If it’s no better than what is already obtainable, people will see no reason to patronize, rather they will see your product/idea as a below par imitation of what is already in existence. Packaging/Branding is of utmost importance.  As for packaging yourself, you have to exude confidence in your idea and in yourself. Nobody likes working with a timid fellow.

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4.PRODUCT/IDEA MARKETING: As you finally unleash your idea/product, you need to sell it. The best way to sell is not just through media adverts but personal contacts. Have like minded people to help you market your products/ideas and reward them accordingly, with this you will be able to win their loyalty and their support, in return they will work for you with renewed zeal and passion.  In everybody lies the ability to succeed and make a name for him/herself. Opportunities abound everywhere, it doesn’t matter the niche market or product line you choose “It all depends on you“.

“IDEAS” are the platforms to entrepreneurial establishments and Financial security. Develop and nurture yours TODAY.

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