Corrupted SD Card Recovery: How To Easily Recover Data From A Corrupt SD Card

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Have you been looking for an easy way to perform SD Card Recovery on your corrupted or formatted SD card?  Recovering data from a corrupted SD Card can be quite a task, especially if you don’t have the right software to use. There are several types of SD Card recovery software’s  available, but only a few of them can actually do the job. In this article, i will show you a particular SD Card data recovery software that has been tested and proven to work.

Using this software will help you recover all your data including photos, music and files from your SD card as a result of corrupted SD card, formatted SD card or any reason that is preventing you from accessing the SD Card.  it helps you recover all type of files from your corrupted memory cards for free.  If you have a corrupt SD card that is asking to be formatted, or an SD card that is corrupt and not opening again, just go ahead and format it without any issues.

The steps listed below will show you how to use this amazing SD card recovery software for free;

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How to Carryout SD Card Recovery

  1. Download and Install the SD Data Recovery Wizard Freeware from here for Windows EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and for Mac EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.
  2. Connect your SD card to your computer via an SD Card Reader or SD Card port 
  3. Run the installed SD Card Recovery Wizard and select file type to be recovered, select all file types if you want to recover all data from the SD card.
  4. Next, select the disk name of the SD card. (make sure to confirm the disk from “My Computer”) and click scan.
  5. After scan has been completed, you can then preview the recovered files and see which file you want to recover.
  6. Select the files you want to recover and then click recover and wait for it to save the file on your computer.
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