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Are you a blogger in Africa or Asia, and you have been worrying yourself on “How To Submit Tax Info for USA Google Adsense Account“? Well, this post was specifically written for you, as verifying tax info for US Google Adsense account has has never been this simple.

The major reason why many bloggers from Africa make choose to apply for USA Adsense Account is because of the high approval rate, and if you eventually get a fully approved USA Google Adsense account you might have to deal with issues like PIN/Address Verification and Tax form submission. Verifying your address is not difficult, all you need is to have someone who resides in the US to help you receive your PIN at their address. .Before you can start receiving payments on your USA Google Adsense Account, tax info submission is required, and this is the major reason why i decided to write this post because it is at this point that most african bloggers have difficulties.

How To Submit Tax Info For Your USA Google Adsense Account

Before i proceed to show you how to submit tax info for your USA Google Adsense Account, i just want to remind you that this post is meant for those who have successfully verified their address by PIN or ID Card. If you need help with a working USA address to use for verification, feel free to Get In Touch with me for assistance. If you also need other cool ways to make money online apart from Google Adsense, don’t fail to read my latest post on How To Make Money Online With Ease.

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To get you started on How To Submit Tax Info For USA Google Adsense Account, kindly follow the steps listed below;

Login To Your Google Adsense Account

1. Login to your Adsense account, from the left menu bar, click on  “PAYMENTS” as shown in the image below

Manage Settings Tab

2. You will see something similar to the image below, click on “MANAGE SETTINGS” as pointed by the arrow on the image


3. Click on “ADD TAX INFO” as seen on the image below to proceed


Tax Form Questions

4. You will be required to answer some questions, please tick the appropriate answers as seen on the image below then click on the “CONTINUE” button

  • The first part is the Identification of Beneficial Owner
  • Type of beneficial owner – Select Individual from the drop down menu
  • Name – This will be your registered name
  • Country of incorporation or organization – Select U.S. Virgin Islands (V.I) from the drop down menu
  • Permanent residence address – select United States (US)
  • Enter your address
  • Enter the city, you can type “St Thomas”
  • State – Select Virgin Islands
  • Zip Code – enter 00802

Confirm Mailing Address

5. Check Mailing address same as permanent residence address as highlighted on the image above

  • Under Tax Identification Number: Select “Foreign tax Identifying Number” for Tax ID type as shown in the image above
  • Foreign tax identifying Number – Visit Elfqrin to get this
  • Leave the Part 2: Claim Tax Treaty Benefits unchecked and proceed to Part 3
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6. For Part 3: National Principal Contracts, please check the option and proceed to Part 4

  • For Part 4: Certification “Type your name in the space provided as shown on the image above
  • Click “SUBMIT


7. If you do everything accordingly, you will see something like the info shown on the image below.


Hurray!!! You have successfully submitted and verified your tax info for your USA Google Adsense Account. If you are facing any issues with your Google Adsense tax verification, feel free to use the comment box to get in touch with me, and i will do my best to reply your message ASAP. Remember, Caring Is Sharing and Sharing Is Caring, don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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