Top 10 Freelancing Websites To Earn Money From In 2021.

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Freelancing websites have transformed the way and manner in which qualified professionals offer their services to people who require them. These platforms are structured in a way to enable qualified professionals display their skill set and expertise for companies and individuals who need such services to come hire them on a short term or temporary basis.

Due to the increased demand for skilled professionals all over the world, there has been an increase in the number of freelancing websites being launched in recent times. If you are a qualified professional, and very good at what you do, you stand the chance of making more money working as a freelancer on any of the popular freelancing websites. Working as a freelancer also gives you the flexibility of working without the pressure of looking for a permanent job.

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In this article, we will be taking a look at the;

Top 10 Freelancing Websites To Make Money From in 2019, according to their rankings


Fiverr is widely regarded as the number one freelance website , designed to help employers/companies find high qualified professionals to work on their short term projects. What makes fiver unique and different from other  freelancing websites is its affordable pricing. You can find  professional to do your job on fiverr for as low as $5, and signing up on fiverr is absolutely free. Furthermore, you can also earn referral commission by inviting people to sign up on the platform via your referral link.

No matter your needs, be it graphic design, digital marketing, programmers or writers, you are sure to find them on Fiverr to get your job done, and at very affordable rates too.


Just like Fiverr, Upwork is a cool freelance platform that has a vast pool of employers looking for qualified professionals to work on their projects. Upwork is ideal for freelancers with different skill set and business of different kinds and sizes, the platform enables users to search from available listings according to their needs. One particular feature which makes Upwork unique is the ability to detect fake employees or employers on the platform. This helps to protect genuine users from falling victim to scam.

Regarding pricing, Upwork offers flexible and affordable pricing options, tailored to meet the needs of its users. Signing up on the platform is free, and open to everyone.

Freelancer.Com is often dubbed the service marketplace for freelancers just like its name suggests. This platform helps connect millions of sellers and buyers from over 240 countries. The set up is quite different, as they offer subscriptions on a  monthly or annual basis at users convenience, and sellers on this platform have the flexibility of offering custom plans according to their expertise. is trusted by millions of employers and job finders to recruit professionals in various fields, and the vast pool of professionals readily available to for employers to choose from makes it one of the best freelance websites.


PeoplePerHour is another cool freelancing website designed to enable professionals connect with buyers who require their services. This platform is packed full with awesome features which makes it very easy for buyers to offer their services and get paid for doing what they love. Some of these features include proposal reviewing, invoicing, account management and invoicing. In addition, PeoplePerHour’s pricing plans are tailored to suit your needs, you can choose from monthly, one time and quote based payments plans depending on which of them works suits you.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a one of a kind freelancing website, created for developers, designers and skilled content creators. This platform is structured to help buyers find experts to work on their projects, from animation to web design, brand creation and app development, the list is endless. Envato offers a one time payment plan, or you can chose to opt for quote based subscriptions. The platform is the best place to search for professionals by  small companies who require the services of experts to work on temporary projects, as well as individual employers and large organizations.

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TopTal is a unique freelance platform created to connect companies with highly rated finance experts, app/software developers and designers with a very good command of English. This platform makes it easy for freelancers to connect with organizations and business owners in need of skilled professionals for important projects that require full-time, part-time or hourly work basis.

To connect with a skilled professional, simply send  a message across to the TopTal team, with a description of the type of talent or service required, and they will connect you with a qualified professional capable of fulfilling your needs.


DesignCrowd is a design based freelance marketplace, where companies and businesses can breath life into their ideas by outsourcing them. The platform works in a way which enables buyers to post a design contest which allows up to $79, to a vast pool of freelancers submit their bids. DesignCrowd allows for quick turnover, and you have the freedom of choosing a deadline day for submission. Users are given full copyright ownership rights once they’ve picked their winning design.


WriterAccess is an amazing platform where prospective employers can find search for and find skilled writers, content strategists, editors, proofreaders, editors or translators to work for them. The platform is structured in a way to enable buyers view talent profiles to see their experience, reviews, performance and ratings.


This platform is a service marketplace where companies and organizations hold contests to enable graphics designers display their expertise and try to win. The process is easy and simple, all the business owner needs to do is fill out a creative brief, with a budget and deadline date for submission for free. After which experts can start sending in their entries, in accordance with the conditions and requirements stated by the business owner. At the end of the deadline, the business owner picks a winner from the entries submitted and the designer transfers all necessary files and copyrights related to the design before receiving payment.


SEOClerks takes up the last spot on our list of top 1o freelance websites to earn money from in 2018. This platform is a service oriented marketplace where buyers can connect with sellers. The user interface is cool, and easy to use, and employers can find skilled professionals to work on their project for as low as $1. Signing up is free, and sellers are paid after the buyer has marked the job as completed.

These are the Top 10 Freelancing Websites To earn money from in 2019 according to their Alexa rank and global ratings, do you know of any other freelancing websites where freelancers can earn money from doing what they love? Kindly leave a comment and share with us in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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