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DownLoad MicrojobEngine Service Marketplace WordPress Theme

MicroJobEngine is a WordPress theme which helps business owners to build a marketplace website where users can post mJobs and interact with each others.

As a user in the site, you can be both seller and buyer. Users then can use this site to find their suitable working partners:

  • The sellers (mJob’s owners) can earn money by providing their services
  • The buyers can find their suitable service providers.

What can users do?

User roles:

  • Admin: manage everything in the admin panel, charge users for posting, create package plans for monetizing.
  • Users: in MjE, users can act 2 roles: buyer and seller. If a user is both buyer and seller, he will be able to use the features of both sides.

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As a SELLER, you can easily login to the site and immediately start posting your mJob.

  • Create profile
  • Add portfolios and attached files
  • Post an mJob
  • Edit/Archive/Delete a mJob
  • Complete the mJob
  • Send/Receive instant messages
  • Review a custom order
  • Withdraw money

As a BUYER, you can provide your detailed information and find out the potential seller

  • Create profile
  • Search for seller/service
  • Place an order
  • Send a custom order
  • Dispute a mJob
  • Review a seller
  • Send/Receive instant messages

MicrojobEngine provides your business with a premium & authorized WordPress platform that delivers joy and freelancing experience through EngineThemes coding.

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DOWNLOAD MicroJobEngine Service Marketplace WordPress Theme With All The EXTENSIONS Included From The LINK Below.


An updated version of the Microjobengine theme is now available. This latest version comes with all the latest plugins & extensions such as;

  • MjE Job Verification
  • MjE Bookmark
  • MjE Stripe
  • MjE Discount
  • MjE Featured mJobs
  • MjE Withdrawal
  • MjE Recruit
  • MjE Paystack
  • MjE Authorize.Net
  • MjE Extra Fees

Interested in this updated version? Contact me with HERE


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Martin G

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  • Kevin 1 year ago

    Pls update with latest plugins/extensions and latest version of mje!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • IncredibleM 1 year ago

      Hello Kelvin,
      Thanks for the update. We’ll update the version of MJE soon.

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Hi Kevin, Kindly subscribe to our newsletter so you can receive updates when the latest version of MJE is made available.

  • christopher 1 year ago

    i need the paystack extension

    • IncredibleM 1 year ago

      Hi Christopher,
      Thanks for your feedback. I will do my best to get the Paystack extension. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter so you can easily be notified when its available.

  • Boogyman 1 year ago

    whats the update on nulling the addons?

  • Boogyman 1 year ago

    Great Job man. What’s the update on nulling the addons?

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Hi Boogyman,
      Thanks for taking time out to checkout NettPreneur. Please can you be specific on which addons you’re referring to?

  • Technobaby 1 year ago

    Heyya, Thanks for this MJE theme 🙂
    Can you please provide latest package with all addons?

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Thanks for the feedback. We are making plans to provide all the latest add-ons for the MJE Theme, but this will only be made available to our email subscribers. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter so you can be notified when the addons have been made available.

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Thanks for your comment, will definitely do so as soon as its available.

  • bahubali 1 year ago

    how to activate licence key

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Hello, The steps are outlined in the documentation.

      • Bahubali 1 year ago

        I can’t gate, please help me to activate the license key…

        • Martin G 1 year ago

          Check the downloaded files, this is the first i’m receiving such complaints.

  • Quin 1 year ago

    Hey, could you please update the mailing zip? It isnt working, but all the other ones do
    Cheers, Quin

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Hi Quin,
      Thanks for the update, i will lookup your complaints ASAP.

  • Kyrian 1 year ago

    Nice one, I just downloaded it, please any paystack extenison? or you have mje new update

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      Hi Kyrian, you can download the Paystack extension from the wordpress repository.

  • danny wayn 1 year ago

    i’m your fun and i really don’t have money,can you please give me the theme for $20

  • Rock Bros 1 year ago

    please provide activate key it is not in file please help

    • Martin G 1 year ago

      You can make use of the theme without an activation KEY.

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