How To Verify A USA Paypal Account With Payoneer.

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Do you have an unverified Paypal account and you have been thinking of How to Verify A USA Paypal account with Payoneer? For most online entrepreneurs, having a fully verified Paypal account is a necessity, as you just can’t do without it if you really want to make money and receive payments for services rendered online. 

A fully verified Paypal account saves you from the stress and troubles associated with operating a Paypal account, and it gives your customers an extra layer of security as most online shops do not accept or process payments made from unverified Paypal accounts to prevent transaction chargebacks. Verifying your USA Paypal account is quite easy, although most online entrepreneurs from countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan e.t.c find it difficult to do this. If you fall into this category of people, I will show you how to verify a USA Paypal account with Payoneer in this article. The steps are easy to follow and apply and if you are also searching for how to link Payoneer with PayPal account, this method works perfectly for it.

Verifying Your Paypal Account With Payoneer.

The two known methods which Paypal uses for account verification are;

  • Verifying Your Paypal Using Your US Bank Details
  • Verifying Your Paypal Account Linking Your Card.

After signing up, Payoneer automatically creates a US Bank Account for you when they issue you their MasterCard. This USA Bank account makes it very easy to verify your Paypal account even if you don’t live in the US. If you do not have a Payoneer Mastercard, you can easily sign up for one and get your card Payoneer MasterCard delivered to your doorstep in less than 3 weeks. You are also entitled to receiving a sign-up bonus of $25 if you sign up with this link Sign Up For A Payoneer MasterCard & Receive $25 Bonus For FREE!!

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How To Verify A USA Paypal Account With Payoneer

You need to activate your Payoneer MasterCard as soon as it’s delivered to you. Payoneer usually sends an email regarding activating your Payoneer card to enable you to make use of the Global Payment Service which affords you the privilege of having a USA bank account.  To access your US Bank Account Details, simply login to your Payoneer dashboard and click on Receive Money > Us Payment Service.

You can screenshot or copy and save the following details; Account Number, Bank Routing Number, and Name of Bank as you would need them to verify the Paypal account. After you’ve done that successfully, follow the steps listed below to guide you on how to verify a USA Paypal account with Payoneer;

  • Login to your Unverified Paypal account,  and click on the verification link using  Bank Account Details.

  • Fill in the details of your US Bank Account which you had collected earlier from the Payoneer website and submit the form.

  • You would receive a message saying that your Payoneer account would be credited with two deposits sent from Paypal (usually less than a dollar) which you would use for account confirmation. The payment is usually deposited within 48-72 hours. Below is a screenshot of the Payments made.


  • Once you receive the payment, Paypal would send you an email to confirm the exact amounts deposited into your Payoneer USA bank account. Log in to your Payoneer account to copy out the two deposit amounts.

paypal bank account confirmation email

  • Follow the verification link sent by Paypal and then fill in the two deposit amounts in the boxes provided, and click on submit.
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paypal bank account confirmation link

  • That’s all, A new page would load with a congratulatory message confirming that your Paypal Account has successfully been verified and all limits lifted.

If you have been faced with the problem of how to verify a USA Paypal account with Payoneer, then this tutorial is for you. I used the same steps listed in this article to verify my USA Paypal account. This method also solves the problem of how to link Payoneer with PayPal account.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can check out our tutorial on how to create a Paypal account that sends and receive in Nigeria, YES!!! You heard me right, this is very possible and i also wrote an e-book on how to this and it’s 100% FREE!!!

Do you know of any other Working method which can be used to verify a USA Paypal? If yes kindly use the comment box below to share with us. Sharing is CARING and Caring is SHARING. If you need help carrying out the steps listed in this tutorial, feel free to leave a comment and ask questions using the form below, I will answer them ASAP.

Sharing Is CARING

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  1. jak

    Is this working even in May 2019?
    The two verification dollars will be removed in one withdrawal by Paypal a few days later.
    But Payoneer bank account doesn’t support to withdraw. So it is failed and bank account was removed again.
    Do you have any idea about it?

    • Martin G

      Hello Jak,
      Thanks for the feedback. I’m surprised it did not work for you. This method has been working for me, and i recently verified my new USA Paypal Account with Payoneer, i also transfered some funds to from my Paypal to Payoneer as well.

    • Dhiraj Darkhoriya Yadav

      yes you are right.

    • Sam

      It is not working at my end.

      • Martin G

        What country is your Paypal account domiciled in?

    • Martin G

      You are most welcome Kennedy.

  2. Dhiraj Darkhoriya Yadav

    and one thing you missed to mention is that PayPal will automatically unlinked the bank after 4-5 days. This is the problem faced by me.

    • Martin G

      Mine has been working for 5 years and counting. This only works for USA, CANADA, GERMANY OR GREAT BRITAIN. Any currency supported by Payoneer, can be linked to a Paypal account of same country. For instance, a Canadian Paypal account can be linked to your Canadian bank account on your Payoneer account. Kindly let me know if you need further clarifications, or you can contact me via


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