How To Download Videos From FaceBook For Free

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Have you been searching for  a safe, fast and easy way on how to download videos from Facebook for free? Facebook is the world’s most popular social network on the web with an estimated two billion users. Every day millions of users all over the world make use of this platform  to chat and upload music and videos. However, Facebook does not offer options for downloading contents directly from its pages.

Well, i have the perfect solution to your problems. Savefrom is an online video download website that affords you the opportunity to conveniently download your favorite videos from Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, MySpace and over 40 other websites for FREE!!!.

Yes, you heard me right. Using Savefrom, you can download any video of your choice and you even have the option of choosing the quality of your download.

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How To Download Videos From Facebook For Free

There are two ways through which you can download Facebook from Facebook for free. One of them is by using Savefrom;

Method 1:The first method is by installing browser extension on your web browser by clicking here Install Savefrom.Net on your browser.. After installing the browser extension, a green arrow appears next to a video as shown in the images below. Click on the arrow to choose the necessary format & quality of the video to download:

how to download videos from facebook for free

After that, you can also move the mouse pointer on the bottom of the player to see “Download SD | HD” direct download links. Click the icon of any format to start downloading:

how to download videos from facebook for free


Method 2:The other method which you can use to download Facebook videos from Savefrom.Net is by downloading directly from the website. To achieve this. follow the steps listed below;

  • Copy the link to the video to the input field at
  • Click the “Download” button on the right.
  • You will be prompted to choose the format and quality of the video file to download.

If your attempt to download the video via is unsuccessful, Kindly install Helper browser extension and try to download the video again using the first Method.

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Saving Your Downloaded Facebook  Videos On Your Computer.

To save videos to your computer or tablet, Right click to the preferred video quality and select “Save as”. Don’t forget to copy the video title and paste into the “File name” field before saving.

If your Internet connection is slow, then download videos using Helper. Besides videos on social network pages, Helper lets you download video content from other websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, My Space, Instagramand Dailymotion. Furthermore the browser extension is compatible with popular browsers such as;

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox &Firefox Mobile
  3. Yandex.Browser
  4. Opera
  5. Safari
  6. Chromium

Before downloading, Click the Info button to see additional information of the video (such as file size, duration, and quality). You can also get a preview of the video by clicking play button before downloading it to your computer.


There are several other ways on how to download videos from Facebook for free. Check out this post “How To Make Money With TopBuzz” for more details on how to download videos from Facebook for FREE!!!

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