October 16, 2019
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Have you been thinking of how to make money from ClickBank, well making money from ClickBank is not a very difficult thing to do, it’s relatively easy if you know the right procedures to follow and how to go about it.

How To Make Money From ClickBank

Clickbank is one of the leading  marketplace platform which digital vendors can use for selling their  digital products.

Basically, there are two major  ways to make money from ClickBank:

  • The first is to create your own product and list it on the platform,
  • While the other is to skip the product creation step and list other people’s products while earning a commission from each sale.

.Every ClickBank product has a commission rate that is set by the vendor, ranging from 1% to 75%, depending on the product you choose to promote. When you drive a sale to that product, ClickBank processes the sale, applies its charges, then calculates the commission rate based on the remaining net sale amount.

ClickBank, facilitates over 50,000 digital sales every day from over 180 countries and has approximately  six million plus registered users who create and promote digital products on the platform. Let’s take a look at the two major ways of making money from ClickBank below;

Selling Your Own Products on ClickBank

Are you a product creator? Do you have an e-product like an E-book, Software or Online training videos which you would like to promote? if you answer is YES to all these questions, then waste no further time and sign up on ClickBank.  ClickBank makes it very easy for product creators to list and market their products and make money from it. As soon as you sign up as a vendor you can list your product on the platform and set the commission percentage you are willing to pay to anyone who chooses to market and promote your product for you.

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Once your product is listed, it becomes available for other ClickBank users who can  start promoting it on their own websites. This will channel traffic to the sales page on your website and most likely lead to  sales.

Converting ClickBank Affiliate Traffic

As a product creator selling your product on ClickBank, it is very important for you to ensure that your affiliate traffic converts well. To achieve this, ensure  that your landing page (the page which all your affiliates are sending traffic to) is user friendly, mobile responsive, well optimized & sales-oriented. Also include a bold call to action button, else  visitors will simply click through and then bounce away, leaving you with massive  of traffic which failed to convert to sales.

Furthermore, ClickBank can also be utilized as a tool for  generating leads. Take for instance, instead of hoping to sell 50,000 copies of your software or e-book instantly, you can use ClickBank to drive visitors to your website, then get them on a newsletter list and market to them repeatedly. Remember there is “MONEY” in the list. Also, you might want to offer freebies alongside your  newsletter in order to  encourage people to sign up .

Selling Other People’s Products With ClickBank

Selling other people’s products  is another major way of making money on ClickBank. All you need do is  sign up to become an affiliate with ClickBank, so you be eligible  to browse the different available products to sell. ClickBank has a wide variety of  listed products available for you to promote as an affiliate and sell, so i would advice you do your research and search according to the various niche’s available and commission percentage until you locate offers which interests you.

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Before settling for a product to promote, take your time to look at the vendor’s sales page before promoting their product. They might be offering a mouth watering 75% commission rate, but that’s not a guarantee especially if their website isn’t well designed, because no matter how much traffic you drive their way , making sales might be very difficult.

Tips To Help You On How To Make Money From ClickBank As An Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular part time jobs in the world, it helps you generate revenue right from the comforts of your home, giving you the much needed freedom and flexibility of being your own BOSS. Clickbank affords you to start up your affiliate marketing career without hassles, it  is an ideal place to start earning money.

For you to succeed as an affiliate marketer and  make money from ClickBank, the following tips would be of immense benefits to you;

  • Promote Your Affiliate Products On Your Website

If you  already have a Website or Blog which contains articles and other affiliate offers that are similar to the ClickBank products you choose to promote, you can simply use your articles to inform your readers , and present your ClickBank affiliate offers within the article.

You could also  develop a newsletter for your own website and use it to promote your ClickBank offers to your audience on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you don’t have one yet, there are so many platforms which you can use to create one and if you’re not tech savvy and require the services of a reputable Web Design Firm, i would recommend these guys, MGConsults they are very good at what they do and their charges are pocket friendly too.

  • Driving Traffic To Your Website
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Your ability to drive traffic to your website gives you a good opportunity to make more money from ClickBank. The more traffic you have, the better your chances of generating more revenue.

For you to make good use of your traffic, make efforts to identify commonly searched keywords related to the product you want to promote and create articles and contents based on those Keywords. If you follow this step, you can often get some traffic from search engines, especially if you focus on  less competitive long-tailed keywords on your niche.



Nothing good comes easy, so you have to put in considerable effort to make money from ClickBank. Whether you are promoting your own products or someone else’s through ClickBank, make sure  your website is functional, responsive and well designed.

Using newsletters to capture visitors information helps you build a dedicated audience and mailing list which you could use to market all of your affiliate products to in future. For questions, tutorials and helpful tips on how to succeed with ClickBank, kindly visit  ClickBank University. They offer free in-depth videos and tutorials that will help you get started.

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